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In Your House: Buried Alive 1996


Indianapolis, Indiana

Market Square Arena

Announcers: Vince McMahon, Jerry "The King" Lawler, Jim Ross

Ring Announcer: Howard Finkel

Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin

HHH is accompanied to the ring by an unnamed valet. HHH is replacing an injured Savio Vega. JR is having problems with his microphone and he thinks Vince set him up. Vince and Lawler's mic is working fine. HHH taunts Austin in the beginning. Austin goes outside the ring to confront a fan in the front row who's running their mouth. An audio technician is trying to fix JR's mic. They finally lock up and Austin gets the better of it and flips HHH the double bird. JR is still complaining about his mic. They exchange holds and have a stand off. The crowd is chanting "Perfect" as Mr. Perfect returns on Raw to face HHH tomorrow. They lock up again and shove each other. HHH slaps Austin in the face which pisses Austin off and he decks HHH. HHH bails to the outside. HHH gets back in and they lock up. Commentary talks how Austin has been challenging Bret Hart lately. Austin takes down HHH and begins to wear him down. Austin gets a near fall and then works on HHH's arm. Commentary talks how they both will be future world champs. JR explains holds to Vince and basically tells Vince he's a terrible play-by-play announcer. HHH tries to fight back but Austin takes him down with a clothesline for a near fall. Austin goes back to the arm with an arm bar. Vince and JR trade insults with each other. HHH catches Austin with a knee in the midsection when Austin comes off the ropes and follows it up with punches and kicks in the corner. Austin turns the tide and beats HHH down in the corner. Austin tries to send HHH into the opposite corner but HHH reverses sending Austin into the corner then back body drops him when he comes out of it. HHH beats on Austin while JR continues to complain about his mic. Lawler is agreeing with JR now. HHH gets a near fall after a suplex then locks in a chin lock. Austin fights back and locks HHH into a sleeper of his own. HHH reverses and gets Austin in a sleeper. Austin counters into a modified stunner. HHH takes a step then Flair flops. Near fall. Austin drops HHH across the top rope for a stun gun. Austin goes to the middle rope and flips HHH off before dropping an elbow on him. 1...2...NO! Cover again and another near fall. Austin goes off the ropes but HHH catches him in the face with a high knee. HHH goes to the second rope and hits Austin with a fist drop for a near fall. Both men are down after a double clothesline. Mr. Perfect makes his way to the ring and the crowd pops for it. He's here to try to steal HHH's lady. HHH notices this and goes outside to confront Perfect. Austin comes out after HHH Austin nails HHH and throws him back in the ring. Austin gets into it with Perfect on the outside. Perfect tells Austin not to get in his face and Austin backs off and walks away. Austin tries to get in the ring but Perfect pulls him off the apron and they talk more trash. Perfect goes to leave with the lady and Austin spins Perfect around and throws a cup of water in his face! Perfect is pissed! Austin gets back in the ring and HHH attacks him. HHH sets Austin up for the Pedigree but notices Perfect walking back up the aisle with his lady. HHH goes outside to confront Perfect. They argue in the aisle and Austin nails HHH from behind. Austin attempts a suplex but HHH reverses and suplexes Austin on the floor. HHH sets up a Pedigree on the floor but Austin counters and catapults HHH into the ring post. Austin throws HHH back in the ring and hits a Stone Cold Stunner for the win!! Commentary really did this match a disservice. Vince and JR spent the majority of the match arguing which took away from it. I'm not saying the match would have been great but it would have been better had commentary focuses on what was going on.

W: Stone Cold Steve Austin via pin @ 14:58 (**1/2)

Recap video of the Smoking Gunns losing the tag team titles due to Billy Gunn being obsessed with Sunny. Sunny left them when they lost the tag titles.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match

The Smoking Gunns vs. British Bulldog & Owen Hart (champs) w/ Clarence Mason

JR is still having audio issues. I love Owen carrying his slammy. We start with Billy and Owen. They start with some mat wrestling and Billy gets the better of Owen. They lock up again and Billy keeps pulling Owen's hair to keep him from escaping a head lock. Billy remains in control and puts the boots to Owen. Billy goes up top but Owen catches him coming off with a right hand. Owen goes to tag Bulldog but Bulldog just comes in and they take Billy down with a double clothesline. Now Owen tags Bulldog. Good team work by the champs. They continue doing double team maneuvers on Billy. Bulldog wears down Billy. During a tie up, Billy backs Bulldog into the corner and delivers a few shots. Billy sends Bulldog into the opposite corner but Bulldog reverses and sends Billy into it. Bulldog charges but Billy moves and distracts the ref while Bart takes down Bulldog with a clothesline. Billy tags Bart in and Sunny is shown backstage watching on a monitor. The Gunns double team Bulldog and get a near fall. Bulldog fights back and locks Bart in a head lock. Bulldog takes Bart down with a series of shoulder blocks until Bart catches him and power slams him. Bart goes to the top but misses a cross body. Bulldog hits a running cross body of his own for a near fall. Bulldog tags Owen and holds Bart while Owen goes to the top where he hits Bart with a missile drop kick. Owen uses a jackknife cover for a 2 count as Billy breaks it up. Owen beats on Bart as Lawler and JR say he's underrated. Vince disagrees. Bulldog is back in and he along with Owen take Bart down with a double clothesline. Bulldog continues the beat down on Bart. Sunny is still in the back watching. Owen is back in. Good back and forth tags by him and Bulldog. Bart goes off the ropes and accidentally knocks Billy off the apron. Billy yells at Bart while Owen rolls up Bart for a near fall. Bart throws Owen off the ropes and Billy nails Owen in the back. Bart distracts the ref so Billy can beat on Owen. Bart tags Billy in and they hit a double Russian leg sweep on Owen. Near fall. Billy works on Owen and hits a nice neck breaker before tagging in Bart. Bart also hits a neck breaker on Owen for a near fall. Bart keeps Owen from tagging and Billy tags back in. With Owen in the corner, Billy jumps off Bart's back and delivers a clothesline. I wasn't quite sure he would make it as Bart was pretty far away. Bart knocks Bulldog off the apron. Billy is back in now. Bart holds Owen up for the Sidewinder but doesn't know Bulldog is behind him. Billy jumps off the top looking for a leg drop but Bulldog pulls Bart out of the way so Billy misses! Owen is back up and hits a spinning heel kick on Billy for the win! Owen and Bulldog celebrate as Sunny is shown applauding backstage. Bart is frustrated with Billy. Owen and Bulldog are much better than the Gunns. The Gunns were just not on the same page and I wasn't a big fan of their offense.

W: British Bulldog & Owen Hart via pin @ 9:16 (**)

Backstage, HHH is on the superstar hotline.

Jim Ross gets in the ring with a microphone and he's tired of his headset not working. He says Vince fired him twice but that won't keep him down. JR guarantees that Bret Hart will be on Raw the following night in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Highlights of Kevin Kelly interviewing Faarooq earlier tonight and Ahmed Johnson separately. Ahmed Johnson attacked Faarooq in the locker room area.

Mr. Perfect makes his way to the ring to get a good look at the next match. JR stops him in the entrance way to talk. Mr. Perfect joins commentary taking JR's place.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match

Goldust w/ Marlena vs. "Wildman" Marc Mero (champ) w/ Sable

Goldust is replacing and injured Faarooq. Commentary discusses how it was suppose to be Faarooq vs. Mero. Goldust backs Mero into a corner and rubs his head to play some mind games. Mero shoves his to the mat. Goldust pounds on Mero but Mero reverses with an Irish whip and takes control. Mero hits a series of arm drags and locks Goldust in an arm bar. Goldust backs Mero into the corner and delivers punches and chops. Goldust spits on Mero and Mero looks pissed. Mero runs and tackles Goldust and begins punching him. The ref pulls him off and Mero takes Goldust down with a head scissor followed by a big back body drop. Goldust rolls out of the ring. Mero takes Goldust out with a somersault plancha. Back in the ring, Mero leaps over the ropes and leg drops Goldust for a near fall. Mero beats down Goldust in the corner and goes to the top but Goldust cuts him off. Goldust slams Mero to the canvas. Goldust throws Mero outside the ring. He throws Mero into the steps. Back in the ring, Goldust gets a near fall after a clothesline. Mero fights back but Goldust catches him coming off the ropes with a knee to the midsection. A couple near falls for Goldust before he locks Mero in a head lock. Mero fights out and gets a near fall after a cross body. Goldust takes him back down with a clothesline. Goldust request a mic and tells everyone to shut the hell up and claims he'll stick his tongue down everyone's throat. Mero hits a back suplex and goes to the top where he hits a springboard moonsault for a near fall. Goldust goes for the Final Curtain but Mero rolls him up for another near fall. Goldust back drops a charging Mero out of the ring. Goldust goes out after him and beats him up outside. Perfect goes over to check on Mero. HHH makes his way to the ring. Perfect helps Mero in the ring. HHH and Perfect exchange words but nothing happens. While the ref tells HHH he needs to leave, Goldust sneaks up on Perfect but Perfect nails Goldust with a right hand. Referees keep Perfect and HHH separated in the aisle. In the ring, Mero hits a Samoan drop on Goldust. Mero goes up to the top and hits the Wild Thing (shooting star press) for the win! Perfect celebrates in the ring with Mero and Sable. The crowd didn't get into this match and neither did I. For one, no one believed Goldust would win since he was Faarooq's replacement and neither guys offense was that good. Commentary kept talking about Perfect's issues with HHH and Austin.

W: "Wildman" Marc Mero via pin @ 11:38 (*1/2)

JR is on the superstar hotline now with "Razor Ramon" and "Diesel".

Number One Contenders Match for a WWE Championship Match at Survivor Series

Sycho Sid vs. Vader w/ Jim Cornette

The billed this as a battle of the power bombs. Big crowd pop for Sid. If you don't love Sid's entrance music, you might have a problem. WWE Champion Shawn Michaels comes out for commentary before we start. Michaels tells Vader he's going down and Cornette gets in Michaels' face. Michaels steals Cornette's handkerchief and blows his nose on it and kicks Cornette out of the ring. Michaels avoids an attack by Vader and Vader runs into Sid. We're officially underway! All Sid in the early going. Sid mounts Vader in the corner and delivers punches to the delight of the crowd. Sid tries to slam Vader but can't so Vader takes control beating down Sid in the corner. Sid is down and rolls out of the ring. Vader goes outside and distracts the ref allowing Cornette to hit Sid in the back with his racket. Vader wants in the ring for Sid and Sid beats the count. Sid fights back from the apron and does an impressive sunset flip but can't get Vader all the way over. Vader sits on Sid's chest squashing him. Vader hits Sid with a series of clothesline finally knocking him down. Vader goes for a head lock but Sid back suplexes him. Vader backs Sid into the corner but Sid reverses and sends Vader into the opposite corner and follows up with a big boot. Sid goes up to the top for a cross body but Vader catches him and slams him. Vader splashes Sid and gets a near fall. Vader goes to the second rope and splashes Sid! Vader pulls Sid up after a 2 count and commentary thinks he'll regret it. Vader goes to the second rope looking for a Vader Bomb but Sid gets his knees up! Sid takes Vader down with a clothesline and then slams him. The crowd is pumped. Sid sets Vader up for the power bomb but stops when Cornette tries to get in the ring and Sid racks Cornette on the ropes. Sid sets up for the power bomb again but Vader low blows him. Vader sets up for a power bomb but Sid blocks it so Vader just punches him and throws Sid off the ropes. Sid ducks a clothesline and plants Vader with a choke slam for the win! This was a solid big man brawl with my only complaint being they billed it as a battle of the power bombs then neither guy hit a power bomb. Michaels gets in the ring to confront Sid after the match and they shake hands. Sid will face Michaels at Survivor Series for the title.

W: Sycho Sid via pin @ 8:00 (***)

Video promoting Survivor Series weekend in New York City.

Dok Hendrix interviews Sycho Sid. JR cuts Hendrix off and interviews Sid himself about his win. Sid says he'll do whatever it takes to win the championship.

Video package highlights the Mankind/Undertaker feud.

First Ever Buried Alive Match

Mankind w/ Paul Bearer vs. Undertaker

They say this is a non-sanctioned match because of the stipulation. They immediately start brawling in the ring. Mankind gets the better until Undertaker throws him into the corner and hits him with rights and lefts. Mankind falls out of the ring. Mankind tries to pull Undertaker out of the ring but Undertaker kicks him off of him and Mankind's head hits the barricade hard!! Undertaker goes to the top and hits a diving clothesline to the outside!! It was impressive! They battle towards the grave site. Mankind hits Undertaker the handle end of the shovel. Mankind sets up for a suplex but Undertaker reverses into a small package and they roll down the hill. They fight back towards the ring. Undertaker slams Mankind into the steps and throws him back into the ring. Undertaker beats on Mankind and he falls to the outside again. Undertaker chokes Mankind with a power cord and sends Mankind over the guard rail into the crowd. Undertaker follows him and throws him back into the ringside area. Undertaker runs and leaps the railing to take out Mankind with a flying clothesline. Impressive! The crowd loves it! Undertaker rolls Mankind back into the ring. Undertaker remains in control and sets him up for Old School but Paul Bearer shakes the ropes and Undertaker falls. Mankind has the advantage now as he beats on Undertaker. Undertaker starts to fight back but Mankind stops him. Paul Bearer hands Mankind some kind of foreign object and he uses it to hit the Undertaker repeatedly. Undertaker finally catches Mankind running in with a back elbow. Undertaker uses the same foreign object on Mankind now. Undertaker takes him down with a flying clothesline off the ropes. Big leg drop by the Undertaker. Paul Bearer pulls the ropes to distract Undertaker so Undertaker stalks him outside the ring. Mankind follows them up the aisle way and goes to hit Undertaker with a chair but he turns around stops it. Paul Bearer hits Undertaker in the back with the urn. Undertaker no sells it and turns his attention back to Bearer which allows Mankind to hit Undertaker in the face with the chair! Undertaker didn't get his hands up! Undertaker is sitting on the ground next to the steps and Mankind runs and knees Undertaker in the face! They battle back towards the grave site. Mankind rolls Undertaker into the grave! Mankind grabs the shovel but Undertaker pulls him down into the grave with him. They're fighting in the grave. Mankind gets out and throws dirt into Undertaker's face. Undertaker blocks Mankind's attempt to hip toss him into the grave and Undertaker hip tosses Mankind off the hill down to the floor. Back towards the ring they go. Back in the ring, Mankind hits Undertaker with a nice looking piledriver. Mankind forgets the rules and goes for a pin. He pulls his own hair out! Undertaker fights back with rights and lefts but misses and elbow drop. Mankind double arm DDTs Undertaker on a chair!! Mankind clutches the urn and Undertaker sits up! Huge chair shot to Mankind's back! Undertaker places the chair on Mankind's face and leg drops it! Mankind crawls to the ropes where Undertaker goes after him only for Mankind to pull Undertaker's neck down across the top rope. Mankind tries to piledriver Undertaker on the exposed concrete floor but Undertaker counters and lifts him like an Alabama slam and then falls backwards into the steps!! Mankind goes head first into the steps!! Damn that would of hurt!! Undertaker puts the steps in the ring. Mankind gets back in the ring and Undertaker hits him in the face with the steps! Then he drops the steps on Mankind's back. TOMBSTONE!!! Undertaker points at the grave!! The crowd is going nuts!! Undertaker fireman's carries Mankind to the grave. Mankind locks in the MANDIBLE CLAW!! Undertaker is down next to the grave and Paul Bearer gives Mankind the urn. Mankind goes to hit Undertaker with the urn but Undertaker grabs him by the throat!! UNDERTAKER CHOKE SLAMS MANKIND INTO THE GRAVE!!! UNDERTAKER COVERS HIM WITH DIRT FOR THE WIN!! Undertaker launches the referee down the hill because the ref tried to stop Undertaker from covering Mankind with more dirt. Undertaker isn't done!!

W: Undertaker via burial @ 18:25 (****)

After the match, the Executioner comes out and hits the Undertaker in the back of the head with a shovel!!! The Executioner digs Mankind out of the grave. Lots of thunder as the crowd chants "Rest in Peace". Goldust, Justin "Hawk" Bradshaw, Crush, and Hunter Hearst Helmsley all come out to help Mankind, the Executioner, and Paul Bearer bury the Undertaker. This seems like it takes forever! No more thunder now. The grave is almost filled and the "Rest in Peace" chants get louder. Paul Bearer says the Undertaker is gone. More "Rest in Peace" chants. Fans throws cups and cans into the grave. Once the Undertaker is buried, you hear loud thunder in the building which causes everyone to leave except Mankind, the Executioner, and Paul Bearer. Mankind drives a shovel down into the dirt in the grave. Mankind, Paul Bearer, and the Executioner all walk away from the grave laughing and celebrating when Paul Bearer holds up the urn and a lightning bolt hits the grave and Undertaker's hand rises up from the grave!!!

Overall Rating: 4/10

This is really just a one match show. The event is even named after that one match. I definitely recommend watching the buried alive match as it was something different and Undertaker and Mankind took a lot of punishment to make this great. Sid and Vader was a good big man match but the rest of the card was pretty forgettable. Survivor Series, the following month, would be much better but this event played as a stepping stone to get there. One interesting note is this was the first ever pay-per-view where the active WWE champion didn't compete in any kind of match on the card.

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