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In Your House # 1

Updated: May 18, 2020


Syracuse, New York

Onondaga County War Memorial Arena (The Oncenter)

Announcers: Vince McMahon, Dok Hendrix

Ring Announcer: Howard Finkel

We start with a video packaging featuring tonight's matches. It includes Diesel vs. Sid for the WWE championship and the Smoking Gunns challenging for the tag titles. Bret Hart will wrestle twice and there will be a King of the Ring qualifying match. Also, someone (a fan) is going to win a house in Orlando, Florida in a special give away. This is the first ever In Your House pay-per-view.

Todd Pettengill interviews Bret Hart before his match with Hakushi and Bret says he'll prove why he's the best there is, best there was, and best there ever will be. He dedicates the match to his mother since it's Mother's Day.

Hakushi w/ Shinja vs. Bret "Hitman" Hart

The crowd loves Bret. Hakushi is undefeated up to this point. They lock up and have a stand off. Commentary talks about Hakushi's tattoos. They completely cover his chest and back. Hakushi pulls the hair to gain an advantage. Hakushi uses a shoulder block to gain a near fall and then begins some mat work on Bret. Bret gets a near fall with a victory roll and Bret takes control. A few nice arm drags by Bret and Hakushi exits the ring to take a breather. Hakushi tries to take Bret into the corner but Bret isn't having it. Hakushi then throws Bret into the corner sternum first. Bret is one of the few that always took the spot and I appreciate it because it looks like it hurts. We see backstage that Jerry Lawler is watching on a monitor. Hakushi beats down Bret in the corner to a chorus of boos from the crowd. Hakushi forces Bret to the outside where Shinja gets in a few kicks. Bret rolls back in where Hakushi continues the offense. Hakushi goes to the second rope and Shinja distracts the ref which allows Hakushi to choke Bret with the tag rope. Now Hakushi distracts the ref and Shinja chokes Bret with the ring rope. Nice heel work. With Bret in the corner, Hakushi hits a hand spring elbow. Bret starts fighting back but Hakushi cuts him off. Hakushi gains a near fall after a back breaker. Hakushi heads to the top where he hits a head butt for a near fall. Dok Hendrix thought it was over. Hakushi comes up empty on a springboard splash which allows Bret to connect with a few right hands. Russian leg sweep by Bret followed by a bulldog. Near fall. Bret hits a back breaker and follows it up with his patent elbow from the second rope. Sharp shooter time! Shinja gets on the apron to distract. Bret takes out Hakushi with a huge clothesline that flips him. Bret ties him up in the ropes and punches away. Shinja trips Bret so Bret takes him out with a suicide dive. Hakushi attacks Bret when he gets back in the ring. Hakushi attempts a suplex but Bret reverses and suplexes Hakushi right out of the ring and both men fall out to the floor. Awesome stuff! Shinja tries to keep Bret from getting back in the ring. Hakushi hits a springboard moonsault taking out Bret. Vince says that's why Hakushi is the "Modern Day Kamikaze". Back in the ring, Hakushi tries a German suplex but Bret counters into a victory roll for the win! Great opening match with good back and forth action.

W: Bret "Hitman" Hart via pin @ 14:41 (***1/2)

Post match, Bret twists his knee getting out of the ring and limps to the back.

Todd Pettengill is backstage and Alundra Blayze is on the hotline. Jerry Lawler wants his match with Bret right now.

They discuss the entries to win the house in Orlando. There are over 340,000 entries.

Pre-match, Razor Ramon tells 1-2-3 Kid not to worry and that Jeff Jarrett and the Roadie are going down.

Handicap Match

"Double J" Jeff Jarrett (WWE Intercontinental champ) & The Roadie vs. Razor Ramon

1-2-3 Kid is unable to make it due to an injury which is why this is a handicap match. This is the first ever handicap match on a pay-per-view. We start with Razor and Jarrett. The Roadie distracts Razor and Jarrett takes advantage. It doesn't last as Razor gets the upper hand. The crowd loves Razor. Jarrett bails out of the ring and the crowd boos everything Jarrett does. Jarrett gets back in and Razor hits a huge clothesline sending him back outside. Razor smacks his face off the apron. Razor stalks Jarrett but Roadie attacks from behind. Jarrett now has the advantage back in the ring. He takes Razor from corner to corner. Jarrett taunts the crowd with his classic strut as the crowd boos. Razor catches Jarrett and hits a fall away slam but gets only a near fall as Roadie breaks it up. Roadie tags in and takes control. Roadie taunts as the crowd rains down more boos. Jarrett comes back in and they trade near falls. Razor blocks a suplex but Jarrett remains in control. Roadie gets back in and just when Razor starts to gain the advantage, Jarrett attacks him. Vince complains about the officiating. Razor goes for the Razor's Edge but Jarrett back drops him to the floor outside. Roadie goes to the top and takes out Razor while Jarrett distracts the ref. Strut again by Jarrett as the ref begins to count Razor out. He beats the count. Jarrett hits a cross body from the top but Razor rolls through and gets a near fall. Jarrett beats on Razor some more and hits a swinging neck breaker. With Razor draped across the ropes, Jarrett tries to drop a leg across his back but Razor moves out of the way just in time. Both men are down. Jarrett tags out and Roadie hits a knee from the second turnbuckle for a near fall. Roadie wears down Razor with a chin lock until the crowd wills Razor back into it. Jarrett comes back in and eats a series of right hands. Razor throws Jarrett into Roadie. With Roadie on the top turnbuckle, Razor hits a back suplex. Jarrett goes for a figure four but Razor kicks him into Roadie sending Roadie to the outside. Razor's Edge on Jarrett and it's over! I didn't care for this match as Jarrett and Roadie's offense was boring and I don't like the booking of having Razor beat the Intercontinental champion and his protege.

W: Razor Ramon via pin @ 12:39 (*1/2)

Roadie tries to attack Razor after the mach. Razor sets him up for a Razor's Edge but Jarrett makes the save. They beat down Razor until Aldo Montoya tries to make the save. He gets beat down by Jarrett and Roadie as well. A fan comes in the ring and beats the hell out of Jarrett.

Video package airs for the King of the Ring.

Jerry Lawler argues with Jack Tunney about when his match with Bret Hart will take place.

Video package highlighting Sid destroying a bunch of people. A guy in the crowd advertises the new Bret Hart t-shirt and explains how to get one.

King of the Ring Qualifying Match

Mabel w/ Mo vs. Adam Bomb

Mo talks trash to Bomb before the match and Bomb decks him. Mabel attacks. The match officially starts Bomb gets in a few shots and knocks Mabel to the outside and then dives out after him. Back in the ring, Bomb hits a slingshot clothesline for a 1 count. Bomb hits a clothesline from the top ropes for another 1 count. Mabel gains control with an ugly spinning heel kick. I understand he's agile for a 500 pound man but it was still ugly. Mabel catches running Bomb and squashes him with a slam and that's all folks. Short and sweet. I think Mabel only did three offensive moves.

W: Mabel via pin @ 1:54 (NR)

Razor Ramon is with Todd Pettengill. He introduces Savio Vega as the fan that made the save after his match.

Jerry Lawler comes down to the ring and tries to start his match. We see Bret backstage with ice on his knee. I guess the match isn't happening yet.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match

The Smoking Gunns vs. Owen Hart & Yokozuna (champs) w/ Jim Cornette & Mr. Fuji

This is the first time in pay-per-view history that Owen is a champion and Bret isn't. Yokozuna waives at Japanese flag before the match to piss off the fans. Easy heat there. Yokozuna starts with Billy. USA chants from the crowd. Billy runs into the good old brick wall. He attempts a couple drop kicks but they don't work. He tags in Bart who tries an ax handle from the top but no such luck. Owen comes in now and Bart hits a big press slam on him. Good double team work now by the Gunns. Owen hits a beautiful enziguri on Billy and tags Yokozuna back in. Yokozuna flattens him with a clothesline and beats him down. Yokozuna locks in a nerve hold on Billy's trap. Owen comes back in and hits a nice neck breaker for a near fall. Billy gains a near fall after rolling through a sunset flip but then Owen hits a spinning heel kick. Yokozuna tries to squash Billy on the outside but runs into the ring post. The Gunns team up on Owen. They try to finish him but Owen kicks out. Bart goes for a cross body but Owen ducks and Bart falls to the outside where Yokozuna hits a big leg drop on him on the floor. Cornette gets on the apron but Billy decks him. Yokozuna rolls Bart into the ring and Owen covers him for the win! This was short match that was more like an extended squash. The Gunns had good offense but very little of it.

W: Owen Hart & Yokozuna via pin @ 5:46 (**)

Todd Pettengill interviews Diesel. He is mellow because he recently lost his mother but wishes all the moms a happy Mother's Day. He says he's 100% following the attack by Henry Godwinn on Superstars. He says Sid has never faced someone like him.

Jerry Lawler is in the ring with whom he claims is his mom. I'm not buying it as she looks the same age as him. His "mom" says she'll be proud of him once he beats Bret and then she'll challenge Bret's mom Helen Hart.

Jerry "The King" Lawler w/ his "mother" vs. Bret "Hitman" Hart

Bret was faking his injury! The look on Lawler's face is priceless when he finds out Bret isn't actually hurt. Lawler wants no part of the match now as Bret beats the hell out of him. They brawl on the outside where Bret throws Lawler into the steps. Lawler hides behind the ref. Bret beats him down in the corner. This is all Bret. Coming off the ropes, Bret ducks his head and Lawler makes him pay with a pile driver. Bret no sells it! A bulldog and pile driver by Bret on Lawler. Bret continues the beat down. Lawler stops the momentum with a thumb to the eye and a scoop slam. Lawler goes up top but Bret catches him coming off with a right hand. Bret head butts Lawler in the midsection and mounts him to deliver punches to the face. Shinja comes down to ringside. The ref gets caught up in the ropes hanging upside down outside the ring. Bret hits a Russian leg sweep and follows that with the elbow from the second rope. Here comes Hakushi!! He takes out Bret while the ref is still hung up. Hakushi hits two flying head butts on Bret! Shinja helps put the ref back in the ring and Lawler gets the win! This was all Bret for 4:30 and then Lawler gets the assist at the end. This feud must continue now.

W: Jerry "The King" Lawler via pin @ 5:03 (*)

Post match, Hakushi and Lawler attempt to beat down Bret but it doesn't work and they bail.

Sid talks about how time has run out for Diesel and a new champion will be crowned. Sid claims he's the master and ruler of the world.

Todd Pettengill and Stephanie Wiand are here to see who wins the home. They mix up the entries with a rake. They draw a name and call them to tell them they won. The winner is Matt Popiselli from Henderson, Nevada.

WWE Championship Match

Sid w/ "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase vs. Diesel (champ)

Diesel is a heavy fan favorite. They have a stare down to begin the match. Diesel pushes him down and takes him from corner to corner hitting him with some big shots. Sid rolls out of the ring. DiBiase argues with the ref. Diesel goes out after him and hits an double axe from the apron. Diesel brings Sid back in and three clotheslines takes Sid down for a near fall. Sid powders again. He pulls Diesel out of the ring but Diesel is still in control. DiBiase provides a distraction and Sid knees Diesel in the back sending him back to the outside. Sid works the back that was previosly injured by Henry Godwinn. Back in the ring, Sid continues to pound on the back. Sid stops Diesel's attempt to rally. Sid does lots of taunting the crowd. Sid's offense is slow and boring as he locks in a camel clutch. Sid hits a leg drop and gets a near fall after a nonchalant cover. Sid goes back to using the camel clutch. It's even more boring this time. Diesel finally gets out of it. Sid hits a terrible looking one armed choke slam. The crowd boos. Sid hits the power bomb and commentary is convinced we have a new champion. However, he takes about a year to make the cover and then acts shocked when Diesel kicks out; Maybe you shouldn't take your sweet time. Diesel starts fighting back and drops Sid face first on the turnbuckle. He follows with a big boot and then hits a Jackknife! Diesel makes the cover but Tatanka is here to interfere to cause a disqualification. BOO!!! DiBiase gets in the ring to join in on the beat down. Sid goes to power bomb Diesel again but Bam Bam Bigelow is here to make the save. Commentary claims Bigelow saved Diesel's career by helping him out. I wouldn't go that far. This was a bad main event before the finish. A terrible match with an even worse finish is what we got here. A pay-per-view should never end with a DQ.

W: Diesel via DQ @ 11:30 (*)

Vince says this is far from over and be sure to join them in Philadelphia on June 25th for the King of the Ring. That's what worries me is that the feud between Diesel and Sid would continue.

Overall Rating: 2.5/10

This was the first In Your House pay-per-view and they didn't start off on a good note. The only thing worth a watch here is Bret Hart vs. Hakushi. Save yourself the time and skip the rest.

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