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Hell in a Cell 2021

Updated: Jul 16, 2021


Tampa, Florida

WWE ThunderDome (Yuengling Center)

Announcers: Michael Cole (Smackdown), Pat McAfee (Smackdown), Corey Graves (Raw), Jimmy Smith (Raw), Byron Saxton (Raw)

Ring Announcers: Greg Hamilton (Smackdown), Mike Rome (Raw)

First, we want to wish a Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!

The panel welcomes us the kickoff show and they run down the card. The panel consists of Kayla Braxton, Jerry "The King" Lawler, John "Bradshaw" Layfield, and Peter Rosenberg. Mandy Rose vs. Natalya will happen on the kickoff show. First match to break down is the Smackdown Women's Championship. Sonya Deville joins the panel for that. We see the build up for Alexa Bliss vs. Shayna Baszler. The panel agrees that if anyone can handle Bliss' craziness then it's Baszler. Deville says Baszler will win and JBL says Bliss. They transition to discuss Ripley vs. Flair. The panel talks about and we highlights of Roman Reigns vs. Rey Mysterio inside hell in a cell from Friday's Smackdown. Next to talk about is Seth Rollins vs. Cesaro and we get a video package for it. The panel talks about Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn. Megan Morant interviews Zayn backstage. Zayn talks about all of the injustices against him. Zayn calls karma is real and talks about the things that have happened to Owens lately. Zayn says Owens isn't 100% tonight because of the Nigerian Nail. Zayn won't just be winning a match tonight but he'll be serving cosmic justice!

Time for some action!

Kickoff Show Match

Mandy Rose w/ Dana Brooke vs. Natalya w/ Tamina (WWE Women's Tag Team Champions)

Both ladies lock up and Natalya with a side head lock take down. Mandy escapes and takes down Natalya. We have a stand off. Natalya goes to work on an arm but Mandy counters and does the same. Natalya escapes but Mandy gets a near fall off of a pin. Go behind by Natalya and they go to the mat again. Mandy works the legs of Natalya with weak Calf Crusher. Natalya gets to her feet and sends Mandy to the corner. Mandy avoids a charge. They run the ropes and Mandy with a roll up for a near fall. Natalya wants to lock up again but Mandy with a kick to the gut. Natalya escapes a fireman's carry and targets the arm. They go to the ropes where Mandy cheap shots Natalya. Stomps in the corner by Mandy. Snap mare by Mandy for a near fall. Mandy with a big shot to the face of Natalya gets another near fall. Mandy with a chin lock with a body scissors. Natalya fights free and hits Mandy with rights and lefts. Mandy looks for a guillotine but Natalya powers out and scoop slams Mandy. Mandy is quickly back on the offensive with aggressive right hands. Mandy with an abdominal stretch now. Natalya counters into one of her own. Mandy elbows Natalya's knee to escape and Mandy locks it in again. Natalya hip tosses Mandy to break it. Natalya shoves Mandy and side steps a charge from Mandy. Natalya picks up momentum with a stomp and basement drop kick. Her usual combo. Natalya puts Mandy on the top but Mandy pushes Natalya off. MISSILE DROP KICK BY MANDY!! 1....2....NO!! Mandy with a double underhook but Natalya blocks. Mandy cradles Natalya for a near fall. Natalya hits a discus clothesline for a near fall! Trash talk from Natalya. Mandy gets a near fall with a back slide. Mandy with a knee to the face of Natalya!! 1....2....NO!! They trade counters and trade near falls. Natalya wants an arm bar but Mandy gets to the ropes. Mandy tries a jackknife cover but Natalya bridges out. NATALYA LOCKS IN THE SHARPSHOOTER AND MANDY TAPS!!! They got more time than I expected and Mandy did better than I expected. However, I wouldn't call this good. We'll say it was serviceable.

W: Natalya via submission @ 9:41 (**)

A video package shows the build for Bianca Belair vs. Bayley. The panel talks about what match they are most looking forward to. The King says Ripley/Flair, JBL says Lashley/McIntyre, and Rosenberg agrees with JBL. We get the video package for Lashley vs. McIntyre. The panel breaks down the match. The cell begins to lower down! Belair vs. Bayley is kicking off the show!!

The opening video package hypes the hell in a cell and runs down the card. Ozzy Osbourne's "Straight to Hell" is the theme song for the event and is used in the video package. This is the last pay-per-view inside the ThunderDome. Next month, we'll have live fans!!

We get the video package for Belair vs. Bayley.

Hell in a Cell Match for the WWE Smackdown Women's Championship

Bayley vs. Bianca Belair (champ)

Trash talk by both ladies to start. They lock up and scoop slam by Belair. Another one followed by a clothesline. Bayley bails to the outside. Bayley is hesitant to get back in. Belair reaches for her and Bayley hangs her up on the rope. Bayley puts two chairs in the ring. Bayley throws Belair to the mat by her hair. Belair goes for a chair and Bayley kicks it out of the ring. Bayley misses a chair swing and Belair rolls her up for a near fall. Belair tries another but Bayley escapes and we get a stand off. Belair tries to whip her braid but Bayley fends it off with a chair. Belair takes down Bayley with a drop kick. Belair with shoulders to the gut of Bayley in the corner. Belair puts Bayley on the top turnbuckle and goes up with her. Rights by Belair. Bayley avoids a superplex and knows Belair off but she lands on her feet. Belair runs back up and Bayley blocks and sends Belair face first into the ring post. Bayley sends Belair shoulder first into another ring post and follows with a kick. Near fall for Bayley. Bayley sends Belair shoulder first into the corner and works on the arm of Belair in the corner. Bayley continues the arm work in the middle of the ring and gets a near fall. Belair fights back but Bayley brings her down by her arm for another near fall. Bayley goes out to get the steps and puts them in the ring. Bayley positions them in the corner. Bayley with elbow drops now. Bayley puts Belair's braid on the steps and stands on it. Belair pulls Bayley down by her leg and her tailbone lands on the steps. Bayley fires back with a knee to the face in the corner for a near fall. BAYLEY TIES BELAIR'S BRAID TO THE BOTTOM ROPE! Bayley charges but Belair sends her into the steps. Belair gets her hair untied and launches the steps at Bayley on the outside but Bayley avoids. Belair goes to the outside and rakes Bayley's face against the cell. Bayley bites Belair!! Bayley goes back to the arm of Belair with a stomp. McAfee can't get over Bayley biting Belair. Bayley quiets the crowd and hits Belair with a kendo stick and then SUNSET FLIP POWER BOMBS BELAIR INTO THE CELL!! Bayley tells Belair she asked for this. Bayley gets another double kendo stick and make a bridge from the cell to the ring. Bayley tells Cole to shut up! Belair tries to fight back and Bayley runs away. BELAIR SPINE BUSTERS BAYLEY ON THE KENDO STICK BRIDGE!! Back in the ring, near fall for Belair!! Belair gets a chair and hits Bayley in the back with it. Bayley begs off. Belair charges but Bayley kicks the chair into the face of Belair. Bayley puts Belair's arm in the chair and tries to break it! Bayley sits in the chair and ties Belair's braid to the chair! McAfee on commentary is great. It's a double Windsor knot according to him! Bayley talks trash and Belair hits her with a right. Bayley knees the chair into Belair's face but Bayley appears to have hurt her knee! Belair with a shot to the knee of Bayley. Belair ties to her braid to the wrist of Bayley!! All Belair now! Belair sends Bayley into the cell and beats the hell out of her with the kendo stick!!! Belair unties the braid and Bayley tries to crawl away. Bayley wants the door unlocked but the ref refuses. Belair kicks her and Bayley goes face first into the door. Bayley is sent into the cell repeatedly! Bayley gets a ladder from under the ring and hits Belair in the ribs with it. Bayley puts the ladder in the ring and both ladies fight over it. Bayley side steps Belair and takes advantage. Bayley puts the arm of Belair in the ladder and closes the ladder on it. Bayley traps Belair in the ladder and stands on it. ROSE PLANT ON BELAIR WITH BELAIR TRAPPED IN THE LADDER!!! Belair rolls towards the apron but Bayley pulls her back! 1....2.....NO!!! They trade near falls. Back slide attempt by both is blocked. Belair Glam Slams Bayley into the turnbuckle. Belair puts the ladder across Bayley and goes up to the top rope. Belair wants a splash but rolls through. SENTON BY BELAIR WITH BAYLEY ON THE LADDER!! BELAIR HAS BAYLEY UP AND KOD ON THE LADDER!! IT'S OVER!!! For being a cell match, the cell wasn't used much. This felt more like a no disqualification match. Bayley did what was necessary to make Belair look good and the KOD was nice!

W: Bianca Belair via pin @ 19:41 (***1/2)

SummerSlam is August 21 in Vegas! Tickets are on sale now!

Belair is interviewed about her win. That was tough but she'll never forgive Bayley.

Commentary hypes Lashley vs. McIntyre for later. Lashley and MVP are currently with the ladies backstage.

Alexa Bliss is on her swing and says it's a good night for Bayley and Belair. It's nice of us to join her in a cell. Lily isn't with us tonight. Bliss says not to blame her for what happens tonight. There are valuable lessons to be learned tonight. Expect the unexpected and when you knock on her door, you don't who or what you'll get.

We get the video package for Rollins vs. Cesaro.

Cesaro vs. Seth Rollins

ROLLINS ATTACKS CESARO DURING ENTRANCES!! They're separated and we officially start. Rollins jumps right into a slam by Cesaro! Both men trade forearms. Cesaro with a big back body drop to Rollins. Cesaro sends Rollins the apron and a big boot by Cesaro sends Rollins to the floor. Cesaro follows and sends Rollins into the barricade. Uppercut by Cesaro. Back in the ring, Cesaro goes to the top and hits a double axe! Cover by Cesaro and Rollins kicks out at 1. Cesaro sends Rollins to the corner and hits him with uppercuts. Rollins stops Cesaro's momentum by sending him face first into the middle turnbuckle. They battle into the ropes and Rollins rakes the eyes of Cesaro. DDT by Rollins for a near fall. Rollins takes control and wears down Cesaro. Rollins targets the eye of Cesaro and then hits knees to the midsection. Rollins wants a suplex by Cesaro blocks. Cesaro dead lifts Rollins and hits a suplex of his own! Rollins rolls to the apron and catches Cesaro with a shoulder to the gut. Rollins back drops Cesaro the floor and leaps from the apron to hit a knee to the face! Back in the ring, Rollins hits a SPRING BOARD KNEE!! 1....2....NO!! Rollins with rights to the face of Cesaro and he goes right after the eye. Cesaro blocks a kick and hits an uppercut. Both men trade blows and Cesaro gets the upper hand as he backs Rollins in the corner. Stomps by Cesaro and he takes Rollins glove off. Cesaro puts the glove in the mouth of Rollins. Cesaro hits a clothesline for a near fall. Cesaro punts Rollins glove into the crowd. Cesaro with uppercuts now from corner to corner! Rollins hits a kick and wants the stomp but Cesaro counters with a power slam!! Near fall for Cesaro! Cesaro wants the Neutralizer but Rollins sends him to the apron. Cesaro goes up to the top rope but Rollins runs up with him. Cesaro knocks Rollins off. FLYING CROSS BODY BY CESARO but Rollins rolls through for a near fall. Step up enziguri by Rollins followed by a right. Rollins nails Cesaro in the back of the head and neck with a forearm for another near fall. Rollins talks trash to Cesaro as he stomps him. Rollins with an arm bar now but Cesaro fights to his feet. Rollins thumbs his eye again and HITS A FALCON ARROW!! 1....2....NO!! Rollins hits Cesaro in the back of the neck again with a kick for a near fall. Rollins sets up for the stomp but Cesaro is back up. Rollins with kicks to the midsection but runs into a clothesline by Cesaro. Both men are down. CESARO WITH THE SWING!!! CESARO LOCKS IN THE SHARPSHOOTER!!! Rollins reaches for the ropes and CESARO LOCKS IN A CROSSFACE!! Roll through and they're in the center of the ring. Rollins rolls through for a pin but Cesaro kicks out. SHARPSHOOTER AGAIN!! Rollins gets to the ropes. Cesaro stomps him multiple times. CESARO GOES FOR THE SWING OR SHARPSHOOTER AGAIN AND ROLLINS CRADLES HIM FOR THE WIN!!! Pretty good match but I prefer their Mania match. They really had a chance to catapult Cesaro and didn't pull the trigger on it.

W: Seth Rollins via pin @ 16:14 (***1/2)

Post match, Rollins celebrates as Cesaro looks disappointed.

Money in the bank is July 18th! There will be fans there in Fort Worth, Texas!

The panel talks about what's happened so far.

We get the video package for Alexa Bliss vs. Shayna Baszler. It's next!

Shayna Baszler is interviewed before the match. She says to never mention Lily again. Baszler has fun hurting people not playing with dolls. Nia Jax and Reginald are here to offer support. Baszler slaps Reginald.

Shayna Baszler w/ Nia Jax & Reginald vs. Alexa Bliss

Bliss walks towards Baszler but Baszler appears to be hesitant. Reginald distracts and Baszler takes Bliss to the corner and tees off! Stomps by Baszler now. Bliss is getting angry and avoids a charge from Baszler. Bliss crawls towards Baszler and hits her with a big right hand and a kick. Double knees by Bliss with Baszler draped over the middle rope. Senton by Bliss gets a near fall. Bliss looks at Reginald and Baszler attacks from behind. Step up knee by Baszler to Bliss in the corner. Bliss laughs. Gut wrench slam by Baszler plants Bliss face first. Baszler covers for a near fall and Bliss laughs. Baszler goes after the arm of Bliss. Bliss gets to her feet and Baszler takes her right back down. More arm work by Baszler and she stomps the arm of Bliss. Bliss screams in pain and then starts laughing. Baszler goes back to the arm but Bliss blocks and stares a hole in Baszler. Bliss demands Baszler look at her! Bliss builds momentum and hits a Lou Thesz Press! Bliss spikes Baszler with a DDT!!! 1....2....NO!! Bliss looks both pissed and frustrated. Running drop kick by Bliss sends Baszler to the outside. Bliss stares down Nia. Bliss appears to have hypnotized Nia. Bliss "makes" Nia slap Reginald. BASZLER WITH THE KIRIFUDA CLUTCH!! Bliss gets out of it immediately! SISTER ABIGAIL BY BLISS FOLLOWED BY TWISTED BLISS FOR THE WIN!!! This is what I think most of us expected. However, that doesn't mean it was good. Where are they going to go next with this? At least it was kept short.

W: Alexa Bliss via pin @ 6:56 (*1/2)

Drew McIntyre is shown backstage getting ready for the main event.

Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens

They brawl right away!! Owens controls the early going and takes the fight to Zayn early on. Owens sends Zayn hard into the corner. Chops by Owens but Owens keeps coughing to sell the neck injury from the Nigerian Nail on Friday. Owens hits a back elbow and follows with a senton! The action spills to the outside where Owens sends Zayn into the barricade. Back in the ring, Zayn gets the upper hand as he catches Owens coming back in. Zayn targets the throat of Owens. Zayn tries a suplex but Owens blocks and front face suplexes Zayn onto the top rope. Owens clotheslines Zayn in the corner and follows with a cannon ball for a near fall! Owens goes to grab Zayn and Zayn pulls him throat first into the ropes. Owens falls to the outside and Zayn dives to the outside onto him. Owens tries to walk it off and the ref checks on him. The ref backs Zayn up. Zayn hits a running kick to the face of Owens and stomps him some more. More stomps by Zayn before he mounts Owens and hits right hands. Elbow drop by Zayn and Owens rolls to the outside. Commentary teases the ref stopping the match. Back in the ring, Owens with a double leg takedown and he hits Zayn with right hands. Owens now stomps Zayn in the corner. Zayn rolls outside and Owens follows to hit Zayn with a clothesline on the floor. Owens breaks the count and tries a SWANTON FROM THE APRON but Zayn gets the knees up!! Back in the ring, ZAYN HITS A BLUE THUNDER BOMB!!!! 1....2.....NO!!! Zayn with forearms to the face of Owens. Zayn beats on Owens in the corner. Owens fights back with punches and chops. Owens tries a Stunner but Zayn counters with a half nelson suplex!!! 1....2....NO!! Both men trade right hands from the mat. Zayn stomps Owens' head until Owens falls out of the ring. Zayn follows and OWENS STUNS ZAYN ON THE OUTSIDE!!! ZAYN IS BACK IN AT 9!!! They trade punches from their knees. Owens gets the better of the exchange and knocks Zayn to the outside. Zayn gets back on the apron and hangs Owens across the top rope. Zayn with a running knee to the back of the head. ZAYN HITS THE HELLUVA KICK TO WIN IT!!! Owens selling was great here and once he was coughing and struggling to breath, it made sense for Sami to win. Otherwise, he would be completely buried. Sami definitely needed the win more and it doesn't hurt Owens given the breathing issues.

W: Sami Zayn via pin @ 12:40 (***)

We get highlights of Roman Reigns defeating Rey Mysterio inside hell in a cell on Smackdown.

WWE Champion Bobby Lashley is getting ready for the main event.

Ozzy Osbourne's "Straight to Hell" is the official theme song for Hell in a Cell.

The video package for Rhea Ripley vs. Charlotte Flair airs. It's next!

WWE Raw Women's Championship Match

Charlotte Flair vs. Rhea Ripley (champ)

CHARLOTTE ATTACKS RIPLEY BEFORE THE BELL!! The bell rings and Charlotte rolls up Ripley for a near fall. Big boot by Charlotte and Ripley is sent outside. Ripley is upset and takes her time getting back in. Ripley gets back in and Charlotte with a boot. Ripley turns it around and both ladies trade blows. Spinning elbow by Ripley but Charlotte sends her to the corner. Ripley hits her own big boot to take down Charlotte. Ripley tries to go up top but Charlotte brings her down with a kick and puts the boots to her in the corner. Chin lock by Charlotte to try to wear down Ripley. Ripley tries to fight to her feet but Charlotte brings her back to the mat. Ripley gets up and Charlotte throws her to the mat. Ripley blocks a suplex and tries one of her own. Charlotte lands on her feet and clotheslines Ripley out of the ring. Charlotte follows her out and hits a kick that sends Ripley into the barricade. Back in the ring, near fall for Charlotte. More pin attempts for near falls by Charlotte. Charlotte works on the leg of Ripley. Charlotte charges in the corner but Ripley blocks. Short arm clotheslines by Ripley. Charlotte blocks a third but Ripley hits a head butt followed by a super kick to the jaw of Charlotte! Charlotte goes to the apron. Charlotte with a heel hook into an ankle lock with Ripley in the ropes. Charlotte has to break the hold and Ripley drop kicks her through the ropes. Back in the ring, Ripley goes up to the top rope. MISSILE DROP KICK BY RIPLEY!! 1....2....NO!!! RIPLEY LOCKS IN THE PRISM TRAP!!! Charlotte rolls through and Ripley hits the bottom turnbuckle face first! NATURAL SELECTION BY CHARLOTTE!! CHARLOTTE USES THE ROPES TO ASSIST ON THE COVER!!! 1....2.....NO!!!! Ripley avoids a slam but gets an elbow from Charlotte. Charlotte misses a kick and Ripely suplexes her across the ring! Charlotte hits a back breaker and sends Ripely face first into the middle turnbuckle. Charlotte goes up to the top rope. SHE WANTS A MOONSAULT BUT RIPLEY MOVES!! THE SCREEN CUTS OUT SO NOT SURE WHAT HAPPEN. We're back and Charlotte gets a near fall. It looks like Charlotte landed on her feet from the moonsault and then hit a standing one. Charlotte wants the Figure Four but Ripley avoids. Charlotte gets a near fall off of an elbow. Charlotte mounts an pummels Ripley! Charlotte wants the Figure Four again and Ripley kicks her to the apron. Charlotte goes up to the top rope. Ripley cuts her off as they trade blows in the corner. Ripley climbs up as well. SUPERPLEX BY RIPLEY!!! 1....2....NO!! They brawl in the middle of the ring. Chops by Charlotte to back Ripley to the corner. Ripely avoids a charge and HITS RIPTIDE!!!! 1.....2....FOOT ON THE ROPES!!! Ripley is frustrated. Charlotte rolls to the outside. Ripley goes out to get here and Charlotte kicks her knee out. Charlotte drop kicks Ripley's knee into the steps!! Both ladies just beat the count. CHARLOTTE WITH A SPEAR!!! FIGURE FOUR BY CHARLOTTE!!! Ripley gets to the ropes!! Both ladies fall to the outside. Ripley is hurting. RIPLEY PULLS THE TOP OF THE ANNOUNCE TABLE INTO CHARLOTTE'S FACE AND THE REF CALLS FOR THE BELL!!! Why? Someone please tell me why Charlotte rarely takes a clean loss. It wouldn't of hurt her to put Ripley over once clean. This was going along nicely but the finish puts a sour taste in my mouth.

W: Charlotte Flair via DQ @ 14:17 (***)

Post match, the brawl continues. RIPLEY HITS CHARLOTTE WITH RIPTIDE!! Ripley stares down Charlotte from the ramp.

After Hell in a Cell tonight, check out Mick Foley on the Broken Skull Sessions. It's a good one!

Another vignette hypes Money in the Bank.

A video package airs for Lashley vs. McIntyre. The main event is next!

Hell in a Cell Match for the WWE Championship

If McIntyre loses, he can't challenge Lashley again

Drew McIntyre vs. Bobby Lashley (champ) w/ MVP

Lashley gets out of the ring to start. He looks under the ring and McIntyre is all over him. McIntyre sends Lashley's face into the steel wall and rakes it. McIntyre picks up Lashley and sends him spine first into the cell before sending Lashley into the ring post. McIntyre picks up the steps but Lashley hits him with a kick to stop his momentum. Lashley takes control now. McIntyre gets sent into the cell. McIntyre blocks a suplex and suplexes Lashley into the cell. McIntyre gets the steps again and hits Lashley in the face with them. Another shot with the steps! Back in the ring, McIntyre wants the Future Shock by Lashley counters with an elbow. McIntyre hits a boot to the face followed by a belly to belly suplex. Lashley got launched across the ring. On the outside, McIntyre hits Lashley with a kendo stick and uses it to Russian leg sweep Lashley into the cell. McIntyre pulls a table out from under the ring and leans it against the cell. Lashley gets MVP's cane and hits McIntyre in the throat with it! Lashley sends McIntyre into the cell then sends McIntyre into the apron and back into the cell again. Lashley wants a suplex but McIntyre sends his back first into the ring post. McIntyre lifts Lashley and drops him back first on the steps with WHITE NOISE!! McIntyre gets another table and sets it up outside the ring. McIntyre sends Lashley into the cell repeatedly before dragging Lashley to the table. Lashley hits McIntyre in the throat to create separation. Lashley with head butts now. Lashley Irish whips McIntyre into the cell but McIntyre comes back with a clothesline. McIntyre bounces Lashley's face off the steps before putting him back in the ring. McIntyre throws three chairs in the ring. McIntyre wedges one in a corner. McIntyre charges into an elbow from Lashley but McIntyre hits one of his own. MCINTYRE WITH A REVERSE ALABAMA SLAM ONTO A CHAIR!! 1....2....NO!! Lashley has what looks like a flesh wound on his shoulder. McIntyre hits Lashley with the chair before climbing up to the top with the chair. McIntyre tries a leaping chair shot but Lashley counters looking for the Hurt Lock. McIntyre avoids it and hits a spine buster!! Near fall for McIntyre. McIntyre hits a sit out power bomb for another near fall! MVP looks concerned. McIntyre knocks Lashley to the outside and McIntyre follows. McIntyre hits Lashley with the steps. McIntyre tries it again but Lashley forces the steps back into McIntyre's face repeatedly. Lashley goes on the attack now!! Lashley grabs a kendo stick and hands it to MVP through the cell. They trap McIntyre in the corner of the cell using the kendo stick and Lashley tees off on him!! Body shots and punch after punch. McIntyre escapes and charges but Lashley hits a flatliner on the floor!! Lashley puts McIntyre back in the ring. Lashley grabs a chair and sets it up. LASHLEY FLATLINERS MCINTYRE ON AN OPEN CHAIR. ONE MORE TIME!! Lashley goes outside to get a kendo stick and wears McIntyre out with it. McIntyre appears to be getting pissed by it. McIntyre catches it and head butt! McIntyre uses the chair until Lashley thumbs him in the eye. LASHLEY SENDS MCINTYRE INTO THE REF!! MCINTYRE HITS THE FUTURE SHOCK DDT BUT THERE'S NO REF TO COUNT!! The ref by the door unlocks the cell to come in! LASHLEY GETS MCINTYRE IN THE HURT LOCK!! McIntyre rolls through and hits a belly to belly! McIntyre with a chair shot to Lashley! McIntyre throws the chair into Lashley's face!! CLAYMORE BY MCINTYRE!!! 1.....2......MVP PULLS THE REF OUT!!! McIntyre stares down MVP!! MVP is now locked in the cell! McIntyre grabs MVP and throws him against the cell before putting him in the ring. CLAYMORE TO MVP!!! Lashley is back and LOCKS MCINTYRE IN THE HURT LOCK ON THE OUTSIDE!! MCINTYRE BACKS LASHLEY THROUGH THE LEANING TABLE!!! Both men are down!! McIntyre puts Lashley back in the ring. McIntyre grabs a chair and hits Lashley in the back with it. MCINTYRE WITH MULTIPLE CHAIR SHOTS TO THE BACK OF LASHLEY!! LASHLEY DUCKS A CLAYMORE!!! McIntyre rolls to the apron. Lashley sends McIntyre into the turnbuckle and THEN PUTS MCINTYRE THROUGH THE RING SIDE TABLE!!! Lashley throws McIntyre back in the ring. McIntyre avoids a spear and back slides Lashley for a near fall. GLASGOW KISS by McIntyre followed by a FUTURE SHOCK DDT!!! MCINTYRE SETS UP FOR A CLAYMORE BUT MVP GRABS HIS LEG!! LASHLEY ROLLS UP MCINTYRE AND USES THE TIGHTS TO WIN!!!! Both men beat the hell out of each other and it resembled what a cell match should be. In the end, McIntyre was his own downfall.

W: Bobby Lashley via pin @ 25:44 (***3/4)

Post match, McIntyre realizes that was his last chance as Lashley bails up the ramp with his championship. Lashley and MVP celebrate on the ramp as McIntyre stares at them to end the show.

Overall Rating: 7/10

I hate to sound disappointed but I think this event could of been better. The kickoff match is what it is and expectations aren't high because it's the kickoff match. The women's cell match was good but the lack of using the cell in a cell match left a lot to be desired in my opinion. Belair should be moving on to a new challenger. Rollins evens the score with Cesaro. I'm not sure if the feud will conclude or where either man goes from here. Bliss continues to do super natural things. You either love this stuff or hate it. Ripley/Charlotte bothered me more than it should. I feel Ripley should be booked as Charlotte's equal as the champ. However, she comes off looking desperate to keep her title. Ripley should of defeated her last year. That obviously didn't happen. Charlotte has another chance to put Ripley over clean and doesn't do it again. Who has she put over clean since Becky Lynch? Anyways, the main event delivered and McIntyre's decisions led to his own downfall. I think the right call was made and we'll get a fresh challenger as we head towards something which I think will be good for both men.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!! If you enjoy what you've read, don't hesitate to follow our Facebook page and get updates when new content is posted! Also, any comments or feedback is greatly appreciated!

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