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Great Balls of Fire 2017

Updated: May 25, 2020


Dallas, Texas

American Airlines Center

Attendance: 16,579

Announcers: Michael Cole, Corey Graves, Booker T

Ring Announcer: JoJo

An old school cinema type video opens the show. It was something different that highlighted the top matches for the night. It has some comedy to it and was well done.

Bray Wyatt vs. Seth Rollins

Commentary plays up Rollins having the most pay-per-view matches of the last 5 years at the time of the event. Will that big match experience help him? Slow start to the match as they trade counters. Wyatt tries to create some distance outside. Rollins goes after him but Bray catches him and takes over. They brawl more outside and Bray smacks his face off the steps and tackles him into the barricade. Wyatt spends time wearing him down before him down before hitting a superplex. The crowd tries to rally Rollins but Bray drives him face first into the ring apron. A cover and it's not enough. Rollins turns thing around with a suicide dive, a springboard clothesline, sling blade, and blockbuster neck breaker. The crowd loves it but he only gets a near fall. Rollins avoids Sister Abigail and hits a falcon arrow but that also gets a near fall. Wyatt plants him with a uranage. Rollins goes after Wyatt while he's on the outside. The ref tries to keep Rollins from going out after him. This allows Bray to thumb Rollins in the eye and the official doesn't see it. Bray follows that with Sister Abigail on a blinded Rollins for the win!! This match felt more like a Raw main event. It was slow at times. I expected better from these two.

W: Bray Wyatt via pin @ 12:06 (**3/4)

Charly Caruso interviews the Hardys. They talk about their Iron Man match with The Bar. They talk about all their first time matches (ladder, table, TLC), and say they'll break The Bar.

Enzo Amore vs. Big Cass

The crowd loves Enzo and eats it up when he's on the mic. However, it's not one of his better mic outings in my opinion. Cass has generic big guy music and it's terrible. Enzo goes right after him but nothing he does seems to work. Cass just pummels him to boos from the crowd. Cass' offense isn't pretty. The match drags and the crowd continues to boo. Cass finally wins with a big boot. This was a way too long, extended squash.

W: Big Cass via pin @ 5:20 (*)

30 Minute Iron Man Match for the WWE Raw Tag Team Championships

The Hardy Boyz vs. The Bar (champs)

Sheamus immediately brogue kicks Matt after Cesaro distracts him, 1...2...3!! The Bar goes up 1-0 less than 30 seconds in. Jeff comes in so Matt can recover. Matt then gets back in and he takes Sheamus to the outside. He bangs his head on the apron multiple times as the crowd chants "delete" with each one. Matt and Jeff trade tags to continue to wear down Sheamus. Sheamus turns the tide on Jeff and distracts the ref to allow Cesaro to help. Matt tries to help but no luck. Beat down continues on Jeff. Cesaro and Sheamus are in defensive mode with rest holds and throwing Jeff out of the ring to kill time. Booker thinks it's a bad strategy and references the Falcons/Patriots Super Bowl haha. They knock Matt off the apron and hit a top rope double team for the fall and go up 2-0 at about the 10 minute mark! Sheamus makes a mistake and hits the ring post shoulder first which allows Jeff to get a hot tag to Matt for the first time in what feels live forever. Hardy Boyz double team Cesaro. They hit poetry in motion. Matt follows with a side effect and Jeff hits a twist of fate to get their first fall! It''s 2-1 in favor of The Bar around the 13-14 minute mark. Cesaro is able to tag out. Jeff wears down Sheamus. Commentary begins to question everyone's stamina and I'll say Matt and Jeff looked gassed. Jeff uses Matt to springboard over the ropes to take out both the opposition. They all brawl outside. Sheamus makes it back in the ring but Cesaro posts Matt and he's counted out!! The Bar is up 3-1 at the 17 minute mark!!

The Bar continues to take turns wearing down Matt effectively killing time. Matt seems exhausted. Jeff makes a save while Cesaro has Matt is in the sharpshooter to avoid him tapping out. Sheamus runs around the ring and takes Jeff out so Matt is unable to make a tag. I love how The Bar does all the little things that make tag wrestling great. Matt gets a backslide on Cesaro and Jeff uses his legs to hold Cesaro's legs down and pin him for a fall! The Bar up 3-2! Cesaro immediately goes back on attack. The Hardys are trying to hurry. Crowd is really into it now. Matt hits a tornado DDT on Sheamus but can't tie it up. We're under 5 minutes now! Matt hits a big top rope moonsault on Sheamus but Cesaro makes the save. The crowd thought Matt tied it. Moments later, Matt hits a twist of fate off the top rope!!! Pin and it's all tied!! 3-3!!! Under 3 minutes. Jeff attempts a swanton but Cesaro pulls Sheamus out of the ring. Jeff just dives on them both. The Hardys jump from opposite corners to splash Sheamus but Cesaro makes the save again. Jeff hits a swanton on Sheamus but Cesaro sneaks in and pins Jeff!!! (Jeff thought Sheamus was legal) Only 30 seconds left!!! The Bar is up 4-3!! Cesaro rolls out of the ring!!! Jeff has to chase him. He rolls Cesaro back in the ring and hits twist of fate. He makes the cover but time expires!!! Sheamus and Cesaro hang on and win!!! The first five minutes were good and the last five minutes were great!! Everything in the middle was average. I'm not sure an Iron Man match was the best thing for the Hardys at this stage in their careers.

W: The Bar via 4-3 @ 30:00 (***1/2)

Afterwards, trainers attend to Matt who appears to have cut his face/eye.

WWE Raw Women's Championship Match

Sasha Banks vs. Alexa Bliss (champ)

They start with Sasha attempting to lock up Bliss but she retreats into the ropes. They each get a knock down and Alexa heads outside for a breather. Sasha takes control once Alexa gets back in. In an interesting spot, Alexa pops her arm out of place so it appears to be dislocated. Sasha backs off as the ref checks on Alexa. Alexa lures her in and decks her!! She was faking it!! Alexa briefly takes control before Sasha regains the advantage. The action spills outside. While Sasha is on the apron, Alexa pulls her legs out from under her and Sasha crashes to the floor. Alexa targets her back now for the next few minutes. Alexa does some good work on her back then Sasha reverses a suplex into one of her own, suplexing Bliss into the corner. Sasha begins building momentum. Sasha delivers a running knee to Alexa but only gets a 2 count. Sasha is really selling the back injury. Alexa almost gets Banks with a sunset flip pin out of the corner. She throws a temper tantrum when it's not enough. Alexa goes for twisted bliss but Banks gets the knees up and gets her in the Bank Statement!! Alexa struggles but makes it to the ropes! Alexa rolls out of the ring. Banks goes after her but Alexa gets the upper hand. She goes to throw Sasha into the barricade but Sasha reverses and throws her into it. Sasha throws her back in but Alexa kicks her away and rolls back out. She has no desire to get back in and decides to take a count out loss!! They had a really solid match going. The finish hurts it but still a good match.

W: Sasha Banks via count out @ 11:48 (***)

Banks is pissed and goes on the attack. They brawl up the entry way. Bliss attempts to put her through the announce table but Banks throws her off and hits a meteora on her.

They advertise the Punjabi Prison match between Randy Orton and Jinder Mahal at Battleground.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match

The Miz (champ) w/ Maryse & The Miztourage vs. Dean Ambrose

Ambrose starts by going outside the ring and taking out Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas. Commentary thinks this is a good idea. Ambrose turns his focus on Miz. Miz takes his time wearing Ambrose down for the next few minutes. It's slow offense and the crowd doesn't seem to be that into it. Ambrose finally hits a neck breaker to break his momentum. He follows that with a series of clotheslines and a superplex from the second rope that nets him a 2 count. Miz begins to target Dean's left knee. Ambrose goes for dirty deeds but Miz stops him an applies the figure four. Dean gets to the ropes. Miz does his version of Daniel Bryan's kicks. Unlike Cole, I refuse to call them the "It" kicks. Ambrose makes a comeback with a flying elbow from the top. Maryse gets on the apron to distract him and the Miztourage get involved. Dean takes out everyone with another flying elbow. He hits Miz with dirty deeds but Maryse puts Miz's foot on the rope. Axel and Dallas distract Ambrose and that allows Miz to hit skull crushing finale for the win. I didn't love this as there was constant interference and Miz's offense wasn't that great. Much like Bray/Seth earlier, I feel these guys are capable of a much better match.

W: The Miz via pin @ 11:16 (**1/2)

Ambulance Match

Braun Strowman vs. Roman Reigns

I am hoping for a nice hoss brawl here. This is only the 5th time in history for this kind of match. The crowd seems to be in favor of Braun Strowman. Roman Reigns comes out throwing punches but to no effect. Strowman quickly takes over. Action goes to the outside. Reigns runs him into a ring post to slow him down but Strowman is unaffected. Strowman uses the steps for a couple good shots on Reigns. Reigns posts him again but Strowman scuffs the rally. Strowman hits his power slam and goes for a cover?! I guess he forgot the rules. Reigns fights back with a Samoan drop and Strowman posts himself as he often does when he runs to a corner. Reigns hits a drive by and focuses on Strowman's injured elbow using a chair. Reigns keeps hitting him with a chair and Strowman starts no selling as they battle up the ramp towards the ambulance. Strowman tears apart the announcer's table but nothing comes of it. At least not yet. Strowman tosses Reigns off the stage and into the side of the ambulance. Strowman opens the doors to make the first attempt to win. Reigns blocks Strowman from putting him in. Reigns stops him by bouncing his face off the ambulance door. Strowman tries to put Reigns in again but can't. Reigns delivers two superman punches but he still can't get Strowman in. Strowman pulls a back board out of the ambulance and uses it on Reigns. Back on the stage, Strowman tries for a power slam but Reigns drives Strowman through the LED screen!!! Reigns can't believe it when he starts getting back up. Reigns hits Strowman with a light and then attempts a spear but Strowman side steps Reigns and he goes right into the ambulance. Strowman quickly closes the doors for the win!!! These two had a good brawl and played up the stipulation well. They teased a double turn with the post match angle.

W: Braun Strowman via closing Roman Reigns in the ambulance @ 16:32 (***)

Post match, Reigns comes out of the ambulance and spears Strowman, He attacks him and puts him in the ambulance. He drives him to the parking lot where he puts the ambulance in reverse and backs it into a semi truck smashing the back end of the ambulance. Kurt Angle shows up in disbelief. A bunch of people show up to try to get Strowman out. Jamie Noble draws the short straw and tries to crow bar a door open.

Curt Hawkins vs. Heath Slater

They say this is an impromptu match. It's a split screen during the entrances so we can also see what's going on in the parking lot. Match starts and the crowd doesn't seem to care at all. The crowd is chanting "WE WANT BALOR". I couldn't agree more. Commentary isn't paying any attention. Split screen again as EMS arrives. The bell rings while we are watching EMS cut the ambulance doors! What the hell?!? Apparently the match is over and Slater won.

W: Heath Slater via somehow we don't know @ 2:26 (NR)

They continue trying to get Strowman out and are now using the jaws of life. Kurt Angle looks concerned. They get the door open. EMS tries to get Strowman on a gurney. He crawls out a bloody mess!! He finally gets to his feet on his own power and walks off refusing medical attention.

WWE Universal Championship Match

Samoa Joe vs. Brock Lesnar (champ) w/ Paul Heyman

The video package does a great job making Joe look like a credible threat. This is Brock's first defense since beating Goldberg at WrestleMania 33. Crowd is pro Joe. Joe jumps Brock while Heyman is doing his introduction. Joe takes the fight outside and puts Brock through a table with a uranage!!! Crowd loves it! We haven't officially started yet!! Brock appears hurt. "Joe's going to kill you" chants. Brock makes it back in and the bell rings. Joe jumps on him but Brock comes back with knees. Joe forces him back into the corner. Brock turns the tables but Joe goes for the clutch. Brock gets out of it and hits a German!! German 2!! German 3!! Joe avoids another and hit a low blow that the ref doesn't see. Another uranage for a 2 count. He goes for the clutch a second time. Brock gets out with a side slam. Brock avoids the clutch again hits German 4!! German 5!! German 6!! Brock goes for the F-5 but Joe gets him in the clutch again!! He wraps his legs around and Brock starts to go down but raises up and turns it into a F-5!! That's enough to get the 3 count and Brock retains!! Just two big guys hitting each other with big moves. Joe's pre-match attack was great as it caught Lesnar off guard and gave Joe the advantage. Although a short match, it was good as these guys shouldn't have a long match. My only complaint is I think Lesnar should of given him a second F-5 before pinning him. Minor, I know.

W: Brock Lesnar via pin @ 6:26 (***1/2)

Overall Rating: 6/10

I'd say this was a better than average event. The main event was what I thought it would be. The women delivered a good match although the ending wasn't great and the ambulance match was a good brawl. I was disappointed by the opener and the Intercontinental Title match. The Iron Man match had a great finish but I felt the Hardys in particular ran out of gas. The match between Enzo/Big Cass and the filler stuff of Hawkins/Slater were just bad.

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