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Finals of the Intercontinental Championship Tournament set after a wild night on Smackdown!

Smackdown (5/29) kicked off with a car accident! Elias was found laying on the ground next to a car that was half destroyed. Police searched the car and found it was rented to Jeff Hardy. Nearby, Jeff was found in the bushes where the cops say he smelled like alcohol (the same alcohol as in the car). The cops took Jeff for questioning as Elias was taken away in an ambulance.

AJ Styles claimed he and Daniel Bryan should both get a bye into the finals. Meanwhile, Bryan claimed they should face replacement opponents. Styles gets a bye to the finals and Daniel would face a winner of a battle royal that was won by Sheamus when he last eliminated Jey Uso.

Daniel Bryan and Sheamus faced off in the main event. After Jeff Hardy returned and provided a distraction, Daniel Bryan picked up the win over Sheamus. Jeff Hardy and Sheamus brawled after the match, but Daniel Bryan will meet AJ Styles for the WWE Intercontinental Championship in 2 weeks on Smackdown (6/12). Below is the updated bracket:

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