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ECW One Night Stand 2005


New York, New York

Hammerstein Ballroom

Announcers: Joey Styles, Mick Foley

Ring Announcers: Stephen DeAngelis, Bob Artese

Joey Styles comes out to start the show. The crowd is going nuts and he is clearly emotional. He gives the classic "Oh My God!" and welcomes everyone to the show. He introduces Mick Foley who is in Cactus Jack attire. They will be broadcast partners and they hug in the ring.

We see a video package of ECW highlights.

Lance Storm w/ Dawn Marie vs. "Lionheart" Chris Jericho

Cactus says he told Heyman about Jericho when he was in Japan. They shake hands to start. Storm gains control early and they trade some work on the mat as well as some counters before Jericho hits a couple arm drags. We have a stand off. The crowd is pumped. "ECW" chants! Jericho works on Storm on the mat. "She's a crack whore" chants directed toward Dawn Marie now. Storm gains control with chops on Jericho in the corner until Jericho catches him with a drop kick. A baseball slide sends Storm out to the floor. "Lionheart" chants by the crowd now. Joey Styles brings up how ECW doesn't typically use mats on the floor but says they were forced to do so tonight. Jericho goes for a dive but Storm moves and Jericho smacks the railing. Back in the ring, Storm takes control. Storm sends Jericho off the ropes and then catches him with a beautiful drop kick. Near fall. Storm follows up with a stalling vertical suplex. Another near fall. Storm locks in a rear choke but Jericho makes his way to his feet and escapes but Storm throws him face first into the turnbuckle. Storm goes for a springboard elbow but Jericho meets him in the air with a drop kick. "Holy shit" by the fans. Jericho hits an enziguri. Standing switches an Jericho rolls him up for a near fall. Storm reverses into a near fall of his own. Jericho hits a tiger suplex for a 2 count! Jericho thought that was 3. Knees to the face by Jericho. Storm takes Jericho down with a leg lariat and attempts to follow up with a cradle pile driver but Jericho back body drops him. Super kick by Storm! 2 count! Storm puts Jericho on the top turnbuckle. Jericho sends him off the top with a front face suplex. Jericho hit a back elbow for a near fall. Jericho sends Storm off the ropes but Storm catches him with a rolling single leg crab in the middle of the ring! Jericho is far away from the ropes. Jericho rolls through but can't get Storm in the Walls of Jericho so he slingshots him into the turnbuckle. Bulldog by Jericho. Lionsault by Jericho by Storm gets his knees up. Jericho gets him in the Walls!! Dawn Marie gets on the apron to distract the ref. Here's Jason and Justin Credible. Jericho knocks them out of the ring and attempts a roll up on Storm. Storm pushes Jericho off and into the ropes where Credible hits Jericho in the face with a cane! This allows Storm to pick up the win! Impact players reunion. This was good back and forth opener and the crowd was hot for the entire match.

W: Lance Storm via pin @ 7:23 (***)

After the match, the crowd chants "Lionheart" as Jericho exits the ring.

Styles and Foley discuss the match and talk about the impending invasion of the anti-ECW crusaders (Raw and Smackdown superstars). They show the balcony where they are expecting to sit but they haven't arrived yet.

Pitbull Gary Wolf talks about the members of ECW who are no longer with us. A video package airs featuring Rocco Rock, Terry Gordy, Mike Lockwood, The Original Sheik, Mike Lozansky, Pitbull Anthony Durante, Big Dick Dudley, and Chris Candido.

The crowd chants "Candido" as he just recently passed.

3 Way Dance

Tajiri w/ Sinister Minister & Mikey Whipwreck vs. Little Guido w/ The F.B.I. (Big Guido, J.T. Smith, Tony Mamaluke, & Tracy Smothers) vs. Super Crazy

Guido immediately goes after Crazy. Tajiri throws Guido out of the ring. Crazy hits a tilt a whirl back breaker on Tajiri. Crazy throws Tajiri off the ropes but Tajiri hits him a handspring elbow. Guido comes back in and he locks Tajiri in an arm bar. Tajiri rolls through but Guido locks in a Fujiwara arm bar. Crazy breaks it up with a moonsault on Guido. Sunset flip by Guido on Crazy but Crazy rolls through and drop kicks Guido in the face. Tajiri gets a kick to the face as well. Baseball slide by Crazy to Tajiri on the outside. Crazy looks to dive on Tajiri but is tripped up by Mamaluke on the outside. Guido hit the Sicilian Slice on Crazy! Crazy rolls to the outside. Guido and Crazy take the fight to the outside and fight into the crowd. Crazy goes up to the balcony. MOONSAULT FROM THE BALCONY!! Crazy wipes out Guido. "ECW" chants. Crazy heads back to the ring. Tajiri attempts a sunset flip but Crazy blocks and Tajiri locks him in the tarantula! Crazy knocks Tajiri into the corner and delivers ten punches which the crowd counts in Spanish. Crazy gets tripped up by the F.B.I. and pulled into the ring post. Big Guido attempts to power bomb Tajiri but Tajiri green mists Little Guido! Sinister Minister low blows Big Guido. Tajiri delivers a kick to knock him out of the ring. Smothers gets in the ring by Tajiri takes him out with a kick. Whipwreck goes to the top and hits a TOP ROPE WHIPPER SNAPPER ON LITTLE GUIDO!! Tajiri pins Guido and he's eliminated. Crazy and Tajiri face off in the ring. Crazy takes him down and hits a springboard moonsault for a near fall. Crazy's power bomb attempt is countered into a tornado DDT by Tajiri. 2 count. "Super Crazy" chants now. They trade counters and Crazy goes for triple moonsaults but it's stopped by Whipwreck after 2! Tajiri misses a kick. Crazy hits a power bomb and a top rope moonsault for the win! This had some good, fast paced action but wasn't as good as the opener.

W: Super Crazy via pin @ 6:13 (**3/4)

They show a video package highlighting old ECW moments.

Psicosis vs. Rey Mysterio Jr.

Psicosis wears his mask to the ring but takes it off before the match starts. "Lucha libre" chants to begin. They lock up and Rey locks in an arm bar. Psicosis reverses and locks in one of his own and a wrist lock. Rey reverses and escapes and we have stand off. Part of it appeared a little off but the crowd still loved it. Psicosis wants a test of strength. They lock up and after an exchange Rey gets a roll up for a 2 count. Rey locks in a head lock and the crowd chants for Psicosis to put his mask on. Rey hits a cross body but Psicosis rolls through and plants him with a face buster. Boots to Rey and an elbow drop by Psicosis. Hard Irish whip sends Rey to the corner. Psicosis gets a near fall. Psicosis sends Rey into the ropes but Rey hits a springboard cross body for a 2 count. Psicosis locks in a sleeper and the crowd boos. Psicosis throws Rey into the corner and then to the mat for a near fall. They take the action to the outside. Psicosis suplexes Rey onto the railing. Psicosis goes to the top rope where he hits a Psycho Guillotine leg drop!! He throws Rey back in and gets a 2 count. Psicosis chops Rey in the corner and then misses a drop kick as Rey rolls out of the way. Off the ropes, Psicosis shoots Rey up into the air but Rey hits him with a face buster. Near fall! Psicosis sends Rey to the corner and charges shoulder first but misses and hits the ring post. He falls out of the ring and into the crowd! Rey goes up to the top. Rey leaps over the guard rail to take out Psicosis!! He throws Psicosis back in the ring where he hits a springboard drop kick that positions Psicosis on the second rope. 619 by Rey and the crowd boos! West Coast Pop by Rey and it's over! This was a like the previous match but I enjoyed the previous match more. I don't think I would of had these matches go on back to back.

W: Rey Mysterio Jr. via pin @ 6:23 (**1/2)

The anti-ECW Smackdown crusaders are shown arriving led by Kurt Angle and John Bradshaw Layfield. They take their seats in the balcony. Joey Styles is pissed they are here. "You suck dick" chants from the fans directed at the Smackdown wrestlers. "F*ck you Smackdown" chants follow.

More ECW highlights.

Joel Gertner attempts to interview Kurt Angle but is unsuccessful. Angle takes he mic from Joel and throws him out. Angle calls ECW fans the lowest scum on Earth. The crowd chants "You suck dick" again and Angle says "Your mother taught me how". Angle claims he walked out of the last ECW event he was at. Angle says they'll kick all the ECW wrestlers asses. JBL takes the mic and is immediately called an asshole. He says he can sell out Madison Square Garden which is a block away and they can barely sell out a bingo hall. JBL runs down the fans and says he is a wrestling god. He keeps ranting until...

RVD is here!!! Bill Alfonso is with him. RVD is sporting a huge knee brace. RVD grabs a mic. Huge "RVD" chants. RVD says the Smackdown wrestlers have nothing to do with any of this. RVD says the people will let them know they deserve no credit and no one is writing his script. He has no limited vocabulary tonight. RVD misses using his ability to it's fullest potential. RVD says he's "The whole f*cking show", "Mr. Pay-Per-View", "Mr. Monday Night", and RVD 4:20 means "I just smoked your ass". Alfonso says RVD had the World Television title for 1 year, 11 months, 18 days, 2 hours, and 42 seconds. RVD says that was the best time of his career. RVD says he went to Vince and recommended this event to Vince and he loved the idea. Missing the show tonight is worse than missing WrestleMania and Booker's wedding. He would give up anything to wrestle tonight. RHYNO is here! GORE!! Rhyno beat down RVD. The lights go out! SABU is here!!

Rhyno vs. Sabu w/ Rob Van Dam & Bill Alfonso

Rhyno grabs Sabu in a head lock. Sabu send him off the ropes but Rhyno knocks him down with a shoulder block. Rhyno delivers belly-to-belly suplex on Sabu. Sabu sends Rhyno into the corner but eats an elbow when he goes after him. Rhyno goes to the middle rope but Sabu fights back. Sabu decks Rhyno with a chair!! Rhyno falls to the outside. Baseball slide by Sabu. Triple jump cross body by Sabu and he takes out Rhyno on the outside!! Air Sabu!! "ECW" chants. Sabu sends Rhyno into the guard rail. More chair shots to Rhyno by Sabu. Sabu puts Rhyno on a table outside. Sabu goes for a springboard but Rhyno stops it. Back in the ring, Rhyno works over Sabu. Rhyno gets near fall. Foley puts over Sabu by admitting he's not in Sabu's league when it comes to being crazy. Rhyno slams Sabu and goes up to the top. Sabu cuts him off and hits a springboard hurricanrana! He follows that with a springboard leg lariat. 2 count. Fonzie throws Sabu a chair. Sabu sets it up and jumps off of it to hit another leg lariat on Rhyno. Rhyno falls on the back of the chair. Sabu steps up onto the chair and hits a leg drop off of it. Near fall. Sabu goes for another triple jump but Rhyno trips him and Sabu goes face first onto the chair. Rhyno hits a TKO on Sabu on the chair. Sabu kicks out at 2. Rhyno sets up for a power bomb but instead he drops Sabu face first on the turnbuckle. Rhyno sets Sabu up but Sabu pulls the ref in the way and Rhyno gores the ref!! He piledrivers Sabu. RVD and Fonzie get in the ring with a chair. RVD throws the chair at Rhyno's face. RVD is limping without his brace. "RVD" chants from the crowd. Rhyno is laying in the corner and RVD kicks the chair into Rhyno's face. Fonzie puts a table in the ring. RVD helps him set it up. RVD holds Rhyno on the table while Sabu goes to the top and uses a chair to hit an Arabian face buster through the table! It's over!! These guys really took it to each other in a hard hitting match.

W: Sabu via pin @ 6:30 (***)

Sabu, RVD, and Alfonso celebrate as they salute the Original Sheik.

Al Snow is backstage with Head and he blames Head for inviting the Smackdown guys. We also more ECW highlights.

The Raw anti-ECW crusaders arrive led by Eric Bischoff and Edge. Joey Styles says "I'm glad I didn't bring my wife tonight. He's a wife stealer". Styles no one spent more money that Bischoff trying to put ECW out of business.

"The Crippler" Chris Benoit vs. Eddie Guerrero

Styles says Paul Heyman always wanted Benoit and Guerrero but could never make it happen. Foley brings up JBL talking about Madison Square Garden and then mentions Benoit and Guerrero closing out WrestleMania XX. They start by locking up . Benoit backs Guerrero into the corner and we get a clean break. Again the lock up and go to the corner and we get another break . They lock up for the third time and trade reversals. Some mat work by both now and they have a stand off. Guerrero takes a walk on the outside. He gets back in and kicks Benoit in the midsection to gain control. He beats Benoit down in the corner and then sends him into the ropes where he takes Benoit down with a back elbow. Chops by Guerrero and Benoit answers with chops of his own. Thumb in the eye by Guerrero and a snap mare to take Benoit down. Guerrero uses his boot to rake Benoit's eyes. Guerrero busted his nose open somehow. I apologize for not catching the exact spot. Guerrero locks in a rear choke but Benoit fights back up to his feet as we get back and forth chants for both men. Benoit breaks free with a belly to back suplex. Guerrero hits a chop followed by another. Another snap mare by Guerrero for a near fall. Guerrero goes back to the rear choke as the crowd chants "F*ck you Bischoff". The Coach covers Bischoff's ears haha. Benoit gets to his feet and escapes. A shoulder block takes down Guerrero. Benoit charges but Guerrero side steps Benoit and sends him to the outside. Guerrero bounces Benoit's face on a chair and then hits him in the back with the same chair. Guerrero gets back in and pulls Benoit up to the top turnbuckle. Superplex by Guerrero and both men are down! Guerrero goes up to the top but misses a frog splash! Benoit slowly gets to his feet and it's a slug fest now. Benoit hits a clothesline and a Northern lights suplex for a near fall. Benoit puts Guerrero on the top turnbuckle and hits a superplex of his own! Near fall. German suplex by Benoit! Another! A third! Triple Germans! Benoit heads to the top and hits the suicide head butt! Long 2 count!! Benoit goes for another German but Guerrero counters into a roll up for 2. Guerrero swings at Benoit and Benoit catches him in the crossface!! Guerrero taps out!! This has been the best thing thus far. Great technical wrestling and something different from everything else on the show/

W: "The Crippler" Chris Benoit via submission @ 10:38 (***1/2)

The Smackdown wrestlers actually applaud the match.

Joel is in the balcony trying to get a word with Bischoff. Joel asks for a job and the crowd boos! Bischoff tells him hell no. Bischoff runs down ECW and their fans.

Mike Awesome vs. Masato Tanaka

Joey Styles can't stand Awesome because Awesome walked out on ECW when we was World Heavyweight champion to join WCW. The Raw wrestlers turn their back on the ring. The match starts and they start brawling. Awesome hits Tanaka with a belly to belly suplex. Tanaka charges and Awesome hits him with a springboard shoulder block. Tanaka rolls to the outside. Awesome leaps over the top rope and connects with a suicide dive! Both men are down outside. Awesome sends Tanaka into the guard rail. Awesome charges but Tanaka back drops him into the crowd. Tanaka hits Awesome with a wicked chair shot to the head. Tanaka now sends Awesome into the guard rail but Awesome catches him running in with a boot and clotheslines Tanaka. Awesome throws Tanaka back in the ring and sets a table up leaning against the guard rail. They fight on the apron and Awesome hits a running Awesome Bomb from the apron and drives Tanaka through the table!!! "Holy shit" chants from the crowd! Awesome throws Tanaka back in the ring and then goes to the top turnbuckle where he connects with the Awesome splash. Near fall as Tanaka kicks out. Awesome goes for another Awesome Bomb but Tanaka rolls through and Awesome re-reverses and hits the Awesome Bomb. Awesome goes outside the ring to grab a chair. He swings and misses. Tanaka has a chair of his own and he misses as well. Awesome connects the second time and a third time but Tanaka is still standing! No sell! A fourth shot lays him out! Tanaka gets back up and gets the boot up as Awesome charges him. Tanaka takes Awesome down with a flipping stunner out of the corner. Tanaka sets up some chairs and delivers a tornado DDT from the second rope onto the chairs!! 2 count! With a chair on Awesome's face, Tanaka nails that chair with another one! Tanaka goes to the top turnbuckle with a chair and delivers an elbow with a chair and Awesome still had the chair on his face! Long 2 count! "ECW" chants by the crowd. Tanaka misses an elbow allowing Awesome to hit a release German suplex. Spear by Awesome. Awesome goes to the top with a chair. He jumps off the top and hits Tanaka with a sick chair shot to the head! Awesome goes outside to get another table. Goes to put it in the ring but then decides to get a different one instead and put that one in the ring. Awesome sets it up and puts Tanaka on the top turnbuckle. Tanaka counters a superplex and puts Awesome through the table with a tornado DDT! It's not enough as Awesome kicks out at 2! The crowd seemed to think it was over. Tanaka goes back to the top but Awesome nails him and hits an Awesome Bomb from the top through the table rubble. That's not enough either! Styles can't believe it! The crowd is going nuts! Awesome gets another table up on the outside. Awesome goes back in the ring where he attempts to Awesome Bomb Tanaka out of the ring. Tanaka counters. Awesome gets Tanaka up and sends him out of the ring and through the table with an Awesome Bomb!!! Awesome does a running plancha out of the ring onto Tanaka. He makes the cover on the floor and it's over! Awesome hits an Awesome Bomb on the ref after the match! These guys went all out for ten minutes and beat the piss out of each other! This was awesome no pun intended and the crowd loved it!!

W: Mike Awesome via pin @ 9:52 (****)

Awesome is helped to the back.

Foley and Styles talk about One Night Stand.

Bob Artese and Paul Heyman come out now. Heyman looks emotional. "Thank You Paul" chants from the crowd. Heyman grabs a mic and says he's not crying. He has red eye because he just smoked a joint with Van Dam. He thanks Todd Gordy for letting him book for the crazy bastards. He thanks the TV studios. He calls the fans the craziest bastards he has ever met. "Paul E" chants now. Paul was going to take the high road and leave but says he has something to say to the crusaders. He tells Eric Bischoff that he is in their house. He calls out Edge and says all he needs to say is "MATT FREAKING HARDY". "You screwed Matt" chants from the crowd. Now Paul calls out JBL. He says JBL only held the WWE championship for so long because Triple H didn't want to work Tuesdays. Paul says "One more time for old times sake.....This ain't WCW. This ain't Raw, Smackdown, or even the WWE. This my friends is E-C-f*cking-W!!". Paul leaves to "ECW" chants.

The Dudley Boyz vs. "The Innovator of Violence" Tommy Dreamer & The Sandman

Sandman's entrance is longer than an Undertaker WrestleMania entrance. He goes all over the place drinking beers along the way. The fans are rocking out to it and he ends it with pouring beers all over a chick's chest. Elektra is in the front row and gets a beer on her chest too. It appears we're ready to go and here comes the bWo. Big Stevie Cool, The Blue Meanie, and Hollywood Nova. Stevie gets a mic as the crowd chants "BWO". He says there can be no invasion without them. "We're taking over!!" Stevie super kicks Sandman! There's a big brawl now. Kid Kash is here now. Axl Rotten and Balls Mahoney come out as well. Nova takes two sick chair shots. Everyone is brawling on the outside when Kash runs and jumps off of a referee to the top and flips out of the ring onto everybody taking them all out!! Bubba and Dreamer are finally in the ring and the match starts. D-Von and Sandman fight on the outside. Dreamer has a cheese grater. Bubba hits Dreamer with a belly to back suplex. Bubba hits Dream in the face with a road sign and Dreamer is busted open! Bubba uses the cheese grater on Dreamer's face!!! Dreamer's face is a crimson mask as JR would say. Bubba goes for senton from the second rope but misses. The Dudleys hit a reverse 3D on Dreamer. Sandman uses a ladder to take out the Dudleys. Dreamer does helicopter spin with the ladder and nails the Dudleys. Dreamer and Bubba fight on the outsider where Dreamer uses the cheese grater on Bubba's head. In the ring, Sandman drop toe holds D-Von onto a trash can. Dreamer smashes a beer over Bubba's head. Sandman covers D-Von for a near fall. Dreamer hits Bubba in the face with a cookie sheet. Sandman puts a ladder on top of D-Von in the ring while Bubba racks Dreamer on the guard rail on the outside. Sandman goes to the top and hits a swanton onto the ladder onto D-Von! Bubba hits Sandman with a sick chair shot to the head. "Holy shit" chants by the crowd. The Dudleys beat down the Sandman and Bubba hits a frog splash on Sandman while he's laying on the ladder. 2 count. D-Von goes to take Sandman's head off with a cane but Sandman ducks and he hits Bubba! Sandman Russian leg sweeps D-Von with the cane and Dreamer comes back in. Sandman and Dreamer both lock in the figure four on the Dudleys. Here comes Lance Storm and Justin Credible. They beat down Sandman and Dreamer. Credible hits That's Incredible driving Sandman head first into barbed wire!! Here comes Francine. She low blows Dreamer. Beulah is here now and she takes down Francine and they fight! Credible pulls Beulah off and holds her for Storm but Storm takes out Credible by accident. Beulah low blows Storm. Dreamer and Beulah hug. They double DDT the Dudleys. Near fall. Sandman is back in and puts a chair on D-Von's balls and Dreamer hits the chair with a road sign. Bubba is back in with a cane and he's swinging like a Home Run Derby and nailing Dreamer and Sandman. Bubba goes out to get a table. More cane shots and the Dudleys set the table up in the ring. D-Von power bombs Sandman through a table but he kicks out at 2! Now Dreamer is taking out the Dudleys with the cane. 3D on Dreamer! Bubba gets another table. D-Von sets it up in the ring as Bubba waves to the back for someone to come out. It's SPIKE!!! He has lighter fluid to put on the table! THE TABLE IS FLAMING!! Bubba power bombs Dreamer through the flaming table!! It's over! I didn't love all the shenanigans before the match even started but I understand it. This was a wild brawl and I wouldn't even really call it a tag team match. They did some crazy stuff but I don't think it was as good as the previous match.

W: The Dudley Boyz via pin @ 10:15 (***)

After the match, the Dudleys go after Beulah but Sandman makes the save. Sandman wants a beer.....GLASS SHATTERS!! Here comes STONE COLD!! Wearing a XFL jersey I might add. Austin says he's seen Sandman drink and he needs a case of beer. Austin calls out all the ECW wrestlers to the ring for a beer bash. They all fill the ring. Austin calls out the Raw and Smackdown guys. He says they have until the count of ten to come to the ring or he'll go up and slap the piss out of each of them. All of the crusaders make their way to the ring. Bischoff joins commentary. With all the crusaders in the ring, the lines are drawn as they're on the opposite side of the ECW wrestlers. TAZZ is here!! The place goes crazy! Huge brawl!! Tazz and Angle fight to the outside. Angle gets back on the apron and Rhyno sends him off the apron with a gore! Right into the arms of Tazz who chokes out Angle!!! Austin is laughing! Austin is wearing JBL's cowboy hat and using his mic to call the action! The ECW wrestlers clear the ring of the Raw and Smackdown guys. Austin calls for Mick Foley to bring Eric Bischoff to the ring. The crusaders walk by Bischoff on his way to the ring. Foley throws Bischoff in the ring. Austin calls for the Dudleys to hit Bischoff with a 3D!! Austin has Benoit deliver a flying head butt!! Austin says "Kill this son of a bitch". Austin has Rey hit a 619 on Bischoff! Austin would like to conduct a post show interview with Bischoff. Austin asks Bischoff his thoughts and Bischoff says "F*ck ECW!" Austin picks him and delivers a stunner!! The Dudleys carry Bischoff out of the arena. Everyone celebrates with tons of beer!!

Overall Rating: 8/10

This was a wild event but exactly what it needed to be. True ECW fans got what they wanted and it's because of the fans that an average pay-per-view turned into something special. The fans were crazy all night and their passion makes the event something to be remembered. Passionate promos by RVD and Heyman also helped make this a great event. None of the matches were bad but I felt some could of been better given more time.

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