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Backlash 2020


Orlando, Florida

WWE Performance Center

Announcers: Tom Phillips (Raw), Byron Saxton (Raw), Samoa Joe (Raw), Michael Cole (Smackdown), Corey Graves (Smackdown)

Ring Announcers: Mike Rome (Raw), Greg Hamilton (Smackdown), Howard Finkel (voice over for main event)

WWE United States Championship Match (Kickoff Show)

Andrade w/ Zelina Vega & Angel Garza vs. Apollo Crews (champ)

Kevin Owens comes out in a t-shirt and tie before the match to do commentary. Andrade immediately goes after Crews and locks in a head lock. Crews sends him off the ropes and they both go for a shoulder tackle but neither man moves. Andrade off the ropes again with a duck and leap from Crews misses a drop kick as Andrade swats him away. Andrade goes to work with a head lock. KO says he's out to make sure Garza doesn't mess with Crews. Crews escapes the head lock and lifts Andrade into a fireman's carry but Andrade falls over the top to the apron and locks in a dragon sleeper on Crews. Andrade breaks before the count and pulls Crews to the outside where he beats on Crews in the aisle way. Andrade sets up for a DDT but Crews back drops him onto the diamond plate outside. Crews breaks the count and then hits Andrade with a moonsault from the apron. Back in the ring, Crews executes a nice vertical suplex for a near fall. Crews back suplex attempt is countered and Andrade uses a drop toe hold to send Crews into the middle turnbuckle. Running meteora by Andrade to Crews in the corner! 2 count. Andrade goes to the top but Crews cuts him off with a series of chops. Crews looks for a superplex by Andrade cuts his legs out from under him putting Crews in the tree of woe. Andrade misses a stomp. Andrade runs at Crews and Crews belly to belly suplexes him into the corner!! Nasty fall! Crews is in control now beating Andrade from corner to corner. Spine buster by Crews for a near fall. Crews attempts an Olympic slam but Andrade counters with an arm drag but then Andrade eats a drop kick. Crews looks to go to the top but Andrade cuts him off on the apron. Crews suplexes Andrade out to the apron where they trade blows. Andrade wins the exchange and this a springboard DDT bringing Crews back in the ring in the process for a near fall! Andrade attempts the hammerlock DDT but Crews counters. Andrade goes to the top but Crews catches him with an enziguri. Gorilla press slam by Crews into a standing moonsault. Another standing moonsault for good measure! Garza gets on the apron to distract the ref. KO pulls him off and delivers a stunner!!! Andrade sets up for the hammerlock DDT again off the distraction. Crews counters into the sitout spinning power bomb and that's it!! There was a couple small things that got messed up but an overall solid match up. I'm glad the interference was limited.

W: Apollo Crews via pin @ 7:24 (***)

The main card opens with a video that highlights Orton vs. Edge.

Triple Threat Match for the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships

Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross vs. The IIconics vs. Sasha Banks & Bayley (champs; Bayley is also WWE Smackdown Women's champ)

Kayla Braxton tries to interview Banks and Bayley right before the match and they run the other teams and say their friendship is unstoppable. Graves seems finally convinced that nothing can get between Banks and Bayley. There will be a member of each team in at all times and you can only tag your partner. We start with Cross, Bayley, and Kay. Cross starts off with dishing out some right hands to both Bayley and Kay. The latter two quickly stop and double team Cross. Bayley immediately turns on Kay and takes her down with a right hand. Bayley sends Kay into Royce knocking Royce off the apron while Cross tries to lock a sleeper in on Bayley. Banks tags in and tries at roll up on Cross but eats a right hand from Bliss. Bliss tags in and all six women get in the ring and we have a stand off. Nothing happens and Bliss, Banks, and Royce are now the legal competitors. They trade near fall roll ups with each other and Banks gains control. Banks runs the ropes and hits a nice arm drag on Royce which nets a near fall. Royce lands a couple kicks on Banks and then trades near falls with her using different pinning combinations. Banks tries to talk Royce into double teaming Bliss. Bliss gets the better of both of them All the ladies get multiple near falls and we have a stand off again. They each take out one of the ladies on the apron which brings all six into the ring for yet another stand off. Big brawl!! Kay and Bayley get thrown out of the ring. Royce and Banks but get set up in the corner where Bliss hauls off and bitch slaps both of them! Cross comes in and tries to bulldog Banks while clotheslining Royce but Royce catches Cross with a spin kick. Near fall. Bayley tags back in and is in control. Bayley misses an elbow and Kay gets a near fall on Cross broken up by Bayley. Bayley and Kay both beat down Cross in the corner. Kay attacks Bayley and her and Royce set up a double team but Banks takes out Royce allowing Bayley to roll up Kay for a near fall. Banks knocks everyone off the apron. Bayley attempts a wheelbarrow and holds Kay for Banks to deliver a knee to the face!! 1..2..NO! Cross breaks it up. Cross hits the bulldog clothesline combo on Bayley and Kay this time. Bliss and Royce both tag in. Bliss is in control. Lou Thesz press on Bayley by Bliss. One for Banks as well and Royce too!! Stone Cold would be proud! Bayley tags Banks and she fights Bliss on the apron. Royce runs and dives knocking them off the apron and onto everyone else. Everyone is down outside. Back inside, the IIconics do the same wheelbarrow knee combo on Bayley that Bayley and Banks did earlier. IIconics double team Banks but Bliss and Cross come back in to stop them. Bliss and Cross hit a modified 3D of sorts on Royce. Bliss sets Royce up for Twisted Bliss and HITS IT!! BANKS RUNS IN AND ROLLS UP BLISS FOR THE WIN!! This wasn't bad by any means but I had higher expectations for it. I feel as though there were many occasions where someone tried to get a quick pin on someone. Overall solid outing by the ladies.

W: Sasha Banks & Bayley via pin @ 8:50 (***)

Braun Strowman arrives at the building and his car is fixed.

Video promoting Extreme Rules on July 19th.

Jeff Hardy vs. Sheamus

They've built this feud up based on Hardy's past drug and alcohol problems. Definitely a touchy subject. I feel it's a story you either love or hate. The crowd is definitely behind Jeff. Sheamus takes Hardy down right away and Hardy uses his speed to his advantage but Sheamus corners him and beats on him. Hardy fights back and targets Sheamus' knee. Hardy beats down Sheamus but Hardy lets up for a second and Sheamus takes him down with a clothesline. Some uppercuts and boots by Sheamus send Hardy into the ropes. Sheamus charges and Hardy back drops Sheamus who lands on the apron. Hardy drop kicks Sheamus' knees to send him off the apron to the floor. The fight spills to the outside where Hardy runs and leaps off the steps and connects with a clothesline. Hardy bounces Sheamus off the announce table before throwing him back in the ring. Hardy thinks about uses the steps but the ref warns him not to and he puts them down. Hardy gets back in the ring where Sheamus takes him into the corner and delivers elbows to the back of the neck. Sheamus front face suplexes Hardy onto the top turnbuckle and Hardy's knee hits hard on the ring post! Hardy can barely stand and Sheamus continues the beat down including dropping a knee on Hardy from the second rope. Near fall. The crowd boos and Sheamus calls them all enablers. Irish Curse back breaker by Sheamus! A second Irish Curse gets a near fall! Hardy fights back and hits jaw breaker but Sheamus knees Hardy in the face. Another near fall. Hardy tries to fight back again and sends Sheamus sternum first into the turnbuckle and follows with a back suplex. A few rights by Hardy and then he eats a clothesline. Sheamus goes to the top but misses whatever he was attempting. Hardy goes up and connects with Whisper in the Wind! 2 count!! They trade blows and Hardy takes Sheamus down with an inverted atomic drop. Classic double leg drop by Hardy to the midsection. Near fall. Hardy stays on offense and gets another near fall. Hardy goes for Twist of Fate but Sheamus rolls him up for a 2 count. Mule kick by Hardy and Sheamus misses a Brogue kick allowing Hardy to take him down with a modified sling blade. Hardy goes up top looking for a Swanton but Sheamus cuts him off. Hardy pushes him off but Sheamus is up again and pushes Hardy off. Something looked botched there. White Noise by Sheamus! 2 count! Sheamus delivers multiple stomps to Hardy's midsection before locking him in the Texas cloverleaf. Hardy makes it to the ropes. Sheamus beats on Hardy and says he's going to beat his demons out of him! Sheamus delivers multiple strikes to Hardy's chest. Hardy fight back and Sheamus runs into the ring post to give Hardy some momentum. Twist of Fate by Hardy!!! Hardy goes up top and hits the SWANTON BOMB!! 1...2...SHEAMUS GETS HIS FOOT ON THE ROPE!!! Sheamus rolls to the outside. Hardy tries to run the rail and jump onto Sheamus but RUNS RIGHT INTO A BROGUE KICK!! SHEAMUS THROWS HARDY IN THE RING AND ANOTHER BROGUE KICK ENDS IT!!! This was a great solid back and forth match that could of went either way. I did expect more of a brawl given how personal this feud was. I think Hardy still looked good in the loss. I'll be interested to see where this feud goes from here. This is the proof that the good guys don't always win.

W: Sheamus via pin @ 16:47 (***1/2)

John Morrison and The Miz are backstage being interviewed by Kayla Braxton. She informs them that whoever pins or submits Braun Strowman will be the Universal champion (they thought they would be co-champs). They seem shocked! Otis shows up and says he may cash in his briefcase tonight.

WWE Raw Women's Championship Match

Nia Jax vs. Asuka (champ)

Nia won a triple threat match against Natalya and Charlotte Flair to earn this opportunity. Asuka goes right after Nia when the bell rings but Nia fights her off and just over powers her. Nia goes for a slam but Asuka counters into a sleeper. Asuka tries an arm bar but has no luck with it. Asuka tries to bounce Nia's head off the turnbuckle but Nia isn't having it. Nia goes for a big clothesline but Asuka catches her in an octopus in the center of the ring. Nia powers out and hits a big clothesline. Asuka goes for the arm bar again but she's pushed off and into the ropes. Asuka then runs into the proverbial brick wall. Nia squashes Asuka in the corner and beats her down. Big slam by Nia for a near fall. Nia stretches Asuka out in the ropes until she's forced to break. Spine buster by Nia nets a near fall. The crowd tries to rally Asuka. Nia locks in a Cobra clutch. Asuka fights back and locks in her own guillotine. Nia counters into a vertical suplex that she turns into a jackhammer!! That was impressive! Asuka kicks out at 2! Nia can't believe it. Nia taunts Asuka by asking "Where's Kairi?" which pisses Asuka off and she starts unloading on Nia. Asuka gets Nia down and connects with a Shining Wizard for a near fall. Asuka targets Nia's left arm and then hits a missile drop kick from the corner followed by a hip attack for a near fall. Asuka delivers her version of the Yes kicks until Nia catches her and power bombs her! 2 count! Asuka goes up top but Nia stops her. Asuka tries to lock in an arm bar but she slides off down to the apron and Nia falls down to the outside. Asuka locks Nia in an arm bar on the outside but Nia lifts her up and swings Asuka into the barricade. Nia picks Asuka up and Asuka delivers a kick to Nia and tries to beat the count but can't!! BOTH WOMEN HAVE BEEN COUNTED OUT!! Asuka continues to attack Nia after the bell. Not a bad match but I didn't like the finish. This could of been much better with a proper finish.

W: Double Count Out (Asuka retains) @ 8:26 (**1/2)

MVP is backstage planning a party for Bobby Lashley when Lana shows up.

Handicap for the WWE Universal Championship

John Morrison & The Miz vs. Braun Strowman (champ)

Morrison/Miz show us their music video but Strowman interrupts it. They must tag in and out. Commentary talks about how Strowman lost his Intercontinental championship in a handicap match. Basically trying to convince us Morrison/Miz have a chance. Miz starts the match with Strowman and he quickly changes his mind and tags Morrison. Miz cheap shots Strowman and Morrison takes advantage. Morrison uses his speed to avoid Strowman and tags Miz. Miz stalls outside the ring and tries to take advantage of a Morrison distraction but it doesn't work. Miz tags Morrison and they hit Strowman with a double drop kick that sends him into the corner. Morrison hits an enziguri and goes for a springboard but gets caught. Morrison flips out of Strowman's grip but eats a right hand. Miz tags in. He hits a few left hands and badly misses a kick. Commentary tries to say he barely connected. I'm not buying it. Botch! Strowman looks pissed. Miz looks to tag but Morrison is down outside. Strowman begins destroying Miz and throws him out of the ring. Strowman chases but Morrison hits an enziguri when he comes back in. Miz tags in and drop kicks Strowman to the outside where Morrison connects with a corkscrew over the top rope. Nice!! They put Strowman back in the ring where Miz hits a kick and only gets a 1 count! Miz tries to wear Strowman down but it doesn't work. Blind tag and Morrison chop blocks Strowman and hits a variety of kicks. Miz back in now and they hit a double DDT on Strowman for a near fall. Miz hits "It" kicks on Strowman. Miz and Morrison start singing so Strowman starts kicking ass until he runs into the ring post. Two springboard kicks and a running knee by Morrison. Miz tags in and hits a double axe handle. Morrison tags in and he and Miz hit a Skull Crushing Finale and stomp comb that actually looks pretty sweet!! Morrison covers. 1...2...MIZ PULLS HIM OFF!! Miz wants to win the title!! Miz realizes he made a mistake and puts Morrison on Strowman but he kicks out by pushing Morrison off out of the ring!! Miz is apologizing to Morrison but turns into a choke slam!! Strowman power slams Morrison and it's over!! This wasn't good. No one believed Miz and Morrison had a chance. More or less a filler title defense for Strowman.

W: Braun Strowman via pin @ 7:21 (*1/2)

Graves and Cole talk about the WWE Intercontinental championship tournament and congratulate AJ Styles.

Kayla Braxton interviews AJ Styles. He'll have a championship presentation this Friday on Smackdown and he wants Daniel Bryan to be there. He says Daniel Bryan is great but he's not phenomenal.

WWE Championship Match

Bobby Lashley w/ MVP vs. Drew McIntyre (champ)

This is Lashley's first title opportunity in 13 years. MVP distracts McIntyre and Lashley locks in the full nelson before the bell even rings. Several referees come down to try to get Lashley off McIntyre. Lashley finally lets go. The referee asks McIntyre if he is alright to compete and McIntyre says yes. The bell rings and Lashley immediately attacks and beats him down in the corner. Suplex by Lashley gets a near fall. McIntyre doesn't have his jacket off yet. Lana is watching backstage. Lashley continues the beat down. Lashley charges the corner but runs right into a knee by McIntyre. McIntyre tries to fight back with chops but Lashley takes him down with a clothesline. Lashley makes two covers but McIntyre kicks out at one both times. Lashley uses a chin lock to wear down McIntyre and then attempts a German but McIntyre counters and hits a Northern lights suplex for a one count. Lashley fires back with a swinging neck breaker for another one count. Lashley chokes McIntyre on the bottom rope and with his boot. Lashley covers for a slam but McIntyre counters and clothesline him out of the ring. McIntyre goes out after him and rams him into the barricade twice. MVP distracts McIntyre allowing Lashley to pick him up but then he drops him on the floor. I'm not sure what he was attempting but it definitely didn't work. Lashley picks him back up in a fireman's carry and runs McIntyre into the ring post. High five from MVP. Lashley throws him back in to break the count and McIntyre rolls back out the other side. Lashley charges outside and McIntyre side steps and sends him into the barricade. McIntyre keeps holding his throat and shoulder. Suplex on the floor by McIntyre. Back in the ring, they trade blows in the middle of the ring. McIntyre gets the better and takes Lashley down with a clothesline. McIntyre goes up top and takes down Lashley with a chop to the chest. Kip up by McIntyre and hits a spine buster for a near fall. McIntyre goes the Future Shock DDT but Lashley avoids it and hits a spine buster of his own. McIntyre kicks out at 1!! Lashley sends McIntyre into the post and follows up with an elevated flatliner that gets a 1 count!! MVP is in disbelief! Lashley sets up for the full nelson but McIntyre is fighting it. McIntyre tries to push off the turnbuckle so Lashley stops trying and just pounds on him in the corner. McIntyre walks out of the corner with Lashley on his shoulders and delivers the reverse Alabama slam!! 2 count!! McIntyre hangs Lashley up on the top rope and goes to the top where Lashley catches him in an arm bar that he turns into a crossface! McIntyre battles back to his feet and gets Lashley in Tombstone position but Lashley counters into an ankle lock! He kicks Lashley off and Lashley goes for a spear but McIntyre catches him in a kimura lock! Lashley escapes by getting to the bottom rope. McIntyre hits a superplex from the top!! McIntyre kips up again and sets up for the Claymore but Lashley spears him!! 2 count!! HERE COMES LANA!! Lashley doesn't look happy. Lana gets up on the apron. McIntyre pushes Lashley towards her but he's able to keep from hitting her. GLASGOW KISS by McIntyre and Lashley falls into Lana knocking her off the apron onto MVP!! LASHLEY TURNS INTO A CLAYMORE!! IT'S OVER!!! I enjoyed this as it was a really good big man battle. My complaint is I feel the finish was too predictable. I would of been more shocked had Lana not got involved. Lashley and MVP walk off leaving Lana at the bottom of the entrance ramp.

W: Drew McIntyre via pin @ 13:16 (***1/2)

The Street Profits and the Viking Raiders are fighting in the parking lot and they damage Braun Strowman's newly fixed car. The Profits go to use golf clubs but the Raiders both have shields and Erik has an axe and Ivar has a bowling ball. The Profits run away. They put everything down to fight like men and the brawl continues. Ivar gets knocked down starts dreaming about bowling and throws a bowling ball in Montez Ford's groin. Ivar finds Erik down in the parking lot then Angelo Dawkins tackles Ivar through a glass door. More dreaming of when they played mini golf. They're all outside and hurting when a bunch ninjas on motorcycles show up led by Akira Tozawa. It starts storming and they have a stand off. A big brawl starts and the Profits and Raiders stand tall. It was all a dream and Tozawa is join by a super tall ninja. Profits and Raiders bail and get on top of a semi truck and run away. Ivar is out of breath. Profits and Raiders argue over who beat up all the ninjas and they start brawling again. Erik and Dawkins fight into a dumpster. Ivar pushes Ford into the dumpster and then jumps in on top of them all. Ivar dreams again of all the ladies that said he was cute. Jess, the referee, tells them their match is next and calls Ivar cute. A creature with tentacles is in the dumpster and they all rush to get out. I'm not sure what the hell all that was. It was somewhat entertaining but more of an example of the cinematic style gone bad.

Commentary talks about Chapter 4 of the Undertaker's Last Ride documentary. I highly recommend this.

Another Extreme Rules promo video airs. It's July 19th.

Video package for Edge/Orton.

"The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever"

Randy Orton vs. Edge

This match will have piped in crowd noise and extra camera angles. Charles Robinson is in an old school WWF referee shirt complete with bow tie. They use Howard Finkel's voice for the entrances with an old school MSG microphone like at WrestleMania 1. The crowd loves Edge. The entrances are way over the top using the Greatest Showman theme. They face off in the middle of the ring as Robinson lays down the rules. They tie up to start and Orton gets the better of Edge. They lock up again and this time Edge gets the upper hand with a series of arm drags until Orton suddenly stops and Edge falls to the canvas. Edge looks to have some doubt. Tie up and Edge takes Orton down but Orton gets Edge in a head scissors. Commentary talks up Edge's triple fusion neck surgery. Edge escapes and goes for an elbow drop and misses. Orton is a step ahead of Edge again as Edge doubts himself. Good exchange running the ropes until Orton trips Edge and he falls out of the ring. Orton smiles and laughs. Edge takes his time getting back in the ring. Edge gets back in and they tie up with Orton sending Edge to the corner and he delivers a knee to Edge's midsection. Orton sends Edge to the opposite corner but he slides out of the ring and Orton quickly rolls after him. Edge fakes like he's going back in the ring to draw Orton in. Orton slides back out of the ring and Edge catches him with a big boot. Nice sequence! Orton is down outside. Edge gets an advantage for the first time in the match. Back in the ring, Edge gets a near fall. Orton fights back targeting the neck. Edge catches Orton coming off the ropes with another arm drag and locks him in an arm bar. Commentary talks about Orton's shoulder problems. Orton tries to pick Edge up while Edge has the arm bar locked on but Edge cranks up the pressure and Orton releases. Edge grabs a head lock and Orton eventually fights out of it and stomps Edge's left foot. Orton sends Edge to the opposite corner but Edge catches Orton in a head scissors and sends Orton to the outside. Edge goes to the top turnbuckle and Orton goes up to greet him. Orton delivers a few rights and goes for a superplex but Edge stops it and hits a big head butt to Orton. Another head butt by Edge and Orton falls to the apron. ORTON IS BUSTED!!!

Edge hits a diving clothesline that takes Orton off the apron and to the floor. Orton rolls over smiling. "This is awesome" chants by the crowd. Edge racks Orton's left shoulder across the apron. Back in the ring, Edge beats down Orton and gives him knees to he midsection after throwing him into the ropes. Russian leg sweep by Edge takes Orton down. Crossface by Edge! Orton makes it to the bottom rope. Orton goes for a RKO but Edge pushed him off and tries to lock in Anti-Venom but Orton gets to the ropes. Edge lights up Orton with chops but then runs into Orton's modified back breaker and the look on Edge's face says he is in trouble. Edge grabs his neck in pain and rolls out of the ring. Orton goes out after him and throws Edge off the plexiglass multiple times and into the barricade. Orton breaks the count and throws the back of Edge's head against the steps twice!! The crowd boos!! Orton breaks the count again and bounces Edge's face off the table before back suplexing Edge onto the table. Orton throws Edge back in the ring and gets a near fall. Orton does his classic stomp (Garvin stomp) on all of Edge's limbs. Tom Phillips says Orton and Samoa Joe's viciousness is similar as Orton rakes Edge's eyes with his boot. Joe says he doesn't wear boots but he is vicious. Sorry; bad timing Phillips! Orton uses a head lock to wear down Edge and work on the neck. Edge fights back and stomps Orton's foot. Payback for earlier. Orton throws Edge neck first off the turnbuckle to stop his momentum. Orton front face locks Edge and looks up to the heavens. Orton smirks and tries Eddie Guerrero's three amigos!! Edge stops him after two and hits the three amigos himself!! Both men are down!

They trade punches while laying down. They fight to their knees and trade chops. Back to their feet, Edge gets the better of Orton and delivers multiple chops in the corner. Edge goes for a big chop but Orton ducks and connects with a drop kick. Edge rolls to the outside. Orton goes out after him. Orton pulls Edge into the turnbuckle neck first. Orton rolls in the ring and Edge is slow to get up. Orton pulls Edge up to the apron and then to the top turnbuckle. Orton pounds on Edge and then hits a superplex!!! Near fall!! Orton stalks Edge and delivers a big uppercut. Orton sends Edge off the ropes and they both hit a cross body on the other at the same time. They make it back up and Edge catches Orton with an elbow followed by a kick. Edge goes up to the top but Orton stops him. Orton looks for a hanging DDT but Edge counters and hits Edgecution!! 1...2...No!! "This is awesome" chants. Knee lift by Edge and he follows with a knee to the face. An elbow to the face of Orton gets a near fall. Edge goes up to the top and hits a cross body. 2 count. Edge charges Orton but Orton rolls him up for a 2 count. Edge immediately locks Orton in the crossface!! Orton turns it into a pin for 2. Orton hits an Olympic slam!! Near fall! Commentary references Kurt Angle picking Edge to win this match. Orton sends Edge off the ropes and looks to hit a drop kick but Edge catches him and power bombs Orton! Near fall! Both men are down again.

Edge charges and Orton back body drops him to the floor. Edge crawls back up to the apron and Orton hits the hanging DDT!! Camera shot on Edge's face as he's going down. Orton stalks Edge for a RKO....Edge pushes him off and attempts an Unprettier. Orton avoids it and looks for a RKO again but Edge counters with an Edge-o-matic!! 1...2...No!! Edge is looking for a spear but Orton leaps him and goes for a power slam. Edge counters it and nails an UNPRETTIER!! 1...2...NO!! "This is awesome" chants. Edge pounds on Orton but Orton hangs him up on the ropes with a stun gun. ORTON HITS A PEDIGREE!!! 1...2...EDGE KICKS OUT!! Orton is in disbelief! Edge checks his teeth. EDGE ROCK BOTTOMS ORTON!!! HE KICKS OUT AT 2!! Edge attempts a Sharpshooter but Orton kicks him away. Edge uses a backslide for a 2 count. Orton quickly follows up with an uppercut sending Edge to the mat. Orton tries another hanging DDT but Edge hangs him across the top rope. Edge gets three different rolls ups for 2 counts. RKO OUTTA NOWHERE!! EDGE KICKS OUT AT 2!!!! Orton talks with the ref about it. Orton goes to the corner to set up for his punt. EDGE SPEARS ORTON!! Edge doesn't cover and sets up for another one....ANOTHER SPEAR ON ORTON!! 1....2....ORTON KICKS OUT AGAIN!! "Fight Forever" chants. Orton sends Edge into the corner but Edge goes up to the middle rope and JUMPS INTO A RKO!!! 1...2...EDGE KICKS OUT AT 2 AGAIN!! Orton picks Edge up but Edge locks Orton in the ANTI-VENOM!! ORTON LOW BLOWS EDGE BUT THE REF DIDN'T SEE IT!!! ORTON PUNTS EDGE IN THE HEAD!!! 1...2...3!!!! This was the best match these two have ever had with each other. It obviously wasn't the greatest match ever but it was very good. I feel they had unrealistic hype to live up too. If you go into it expecting the greatest match ever, you'll be disappointed. If you allow yourself to appreciate it for what it is then you should enjoy it!

W: Randy Orton via pin @ 44:46 (****1/4)

Post match, Orton tells a fallen Edge to stay down and to go home. Orton tells Edge to go be with Beth and his girls. Medical staff brings the stretcher out for Edge as Orton watches from the ramp. Edge refuses to be carted out and leaves on his own power.

Overall Rating: 7/10

I think this was an overall good show. The only match I really didn't care for was the handicap. Asuka/Nia was alright but I hated the finish. I had higher expectations for the women's tag team match but it wasn't bad by any means. Hardy and Sheamus had a good match but I thought it needed to be more brutal given the personal nature of the feud. McIntyre and Lashley was as good as I could of hoped for and a good big man brawl. The main event was great if you went into it with the right expectations. WWE did the match and both competitors a disservice with the expectations placed upon it. If you take out the greatest ever stuff and enjoy it for what it is, you should find it's a great match although long.

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