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Backlash 2005


Manchester, New Hampshire

Verizon Wireless Arena

Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler

Ring Announcer: Lillian Garcia

The opening video package hypes Hulk Hogan having one more match which then transitions to highlights of WrestleMania 21 where Batista defeated Triple H for the World Heavyweight Championship. Triple H promises the championship is coming back with him and says Batista fears the Pedigree.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match

Chris Jericho vs. Shelton Benjamin (champ)

Benjamin beat Jericho for the championship back at Taboo Tuesday in October of 2004. The crowd is favoring Jericho here. They lock up and Shelton with a go behind. Jericho reverses and takes Shelton to the mat. Counter by Shelton and they trade reversals. Back slide by Shelton for a near fall followed by an arm drag. Jericho gets to his feet and takes down Shelton who immediately kips up. One more time. Shelton spring boards and arm drags Jericho before locking in an arm bar. Jericho escapes and takes down Shelton who kips up again. Slap by Jericho! Shelton gets fired up and takes Jericho to the mat and rains down right hands. Jericho backs Shelton into the ropes and hits punches and chops. Shelton is sent off the ropes but hits Jericho with a boot. Jericho blocks a suplex as does Shelton. Shelton suplexes Jericho to the apron. SHELTON TRIES A SUNSET FLIP BUT JERICHO RANA'S SHELTON TO THE FLOOR!!! Jericho breaks the count and comes back outside. Jericho exposes the security wall and then drops Shelton across it chest first. Back in the ring they go and Jericho puts the boots to Shelton's ribs. Suplex by Jericho. Jericho with a "Come on baby" pin but only for a one count. Reverse chin lock by Jericho. Shelton fights it and Jericho elbows him. Chops now by Jericho but Shelton comes off the ropes with a flying forearm. Jericho answers with a basement drop kick. Jericho chokes Shelton across the bottom rope and chops him back into the corner. Shelton fights out of the corner and sends Jericho to the opposite corner. STINGER SPLASH BY SHELTON! Back suplex by Shelton. Chops by Shelton in the corner and then a head butt. Jericho reverses and Irish whip and sends Shelton to the opposite corner. Bulldog by Jericho! Jericho tries a Lionsault but Shelton gets to his feet and clotheslines Jericho to the apron. They battle in the corner now. Jericho knocks Shelton to the mat. SHELTON GETS BACK UP THERE IN ONE LEAP!! Damn!! SUPERPLEX BY SHELTON!! Both men are down. Shelton covers for a near fall. Off the ropes and Shelton shoots Jericho into the air. Near fall for Shelton. Reverse chin lock and a body scissors by Shelton. Jericho rolls to his knees and elbows his way free. Both men take each other down with a double clothesline. Jericho gets to the corner. Shelton misses a splash and Jericho with a forearm. Jericho in control now. A drop toe hold by Jericho drapes Shelton across the middle rope. Shelton catches a charging Jericho with a Samoan drop! Near fall for Shelton. Right hands by Shelton backs Jericho into the corner. Heavy "Y2J" chants. Jericho catches Shelton with an elbow and hits a running enziguri for a long two count. Jericho picks up Shelton. Off the ropes they go and Jericho throws Shelton to the apron. SPRING BOARD BULLDOG BY SHELTON!! 1...2...NO!! Shelton with a roll up for 2 but Jericho counters and looks for the Walls of Jericho. Shelton escapes and jumps up to the second rope. SHELTON WITH A T-BONE SUPLEX!! 1...2...Jericho has the ropes. Shelton pulls him to the center and gets another near fall. Jericho blocks another T-Bone. Shelton misses a kick and JERICHO LOCKS IN THE WALLS OF JERICHO!!! Shelton fights his way over and gets to the ropes as the crowd boos! Jericho is pissed and puts the boots to Shelton. Shelton is up and hits a spin kick! 1...2...NO!! Shelton sends Jericho off the ropes but misses a drop kick. Jericho tries a Lionsault but it's blocked! JERICHO LOCKS IN THE WALLS BUT SHELTON COUNTERS INTO A JACKKNIFE ROLL UP FOR THE WIN!!! Jericho is pissed because he thought Shelton's shoulders were down. Great opening match!

W: Shelton Benjamin via pin @ 14:31 (***1/2)

Post match, Todd Grisham tries to get a word with Jericho after the match but Jericho isn't having it.

Jonathan Coachman is backstage with Mr. Money in the Bank, Edge! Edge talks about his match against Chris Benoit. Edge says he stopped Benoit from winning the money in the bank and tonight Edge says he will be the last man on it!!!

Tag Team Turmoil for the World Tag Team Championships

The Heart Throbs (Romeo & Antonio) vs. William Regal & Tajiri (champs) vs. Simon Dean & Maven vs. La Resistance vs. The Hurricane & Rosey

Bad draw for the champs! Regal and Romeo are starting it out. They lock up and Romeo with a side head lock takeover. Back to their feet and Regal sends Romeo into the ropes. Regal with an arm drag take down now. Romeo with a flip reversal and he tags Antonio. Antonio with a wristlock on Regal but Regal resourcefully escapes and tags Tajiri. Drop toe hold by Regal and a basement drop kick by Tajiri. Kicks by Tajiri followed by a hip toss and another kick. Tajiri with an odd looking in ring Tarantula. Double underhook suplex by Tajiri and a moonsault gets a near fall. Romeo breaks up the pin. Back suplex by Antonio for a near fall. Antonio takes Tajiri to the corner and tags Romeo. Double team by the Heart Throbs gets a near fall on Tajiri. They hit Tajiri with a double back elbow and get another near fall. Antonio takes Tajiri to the corner but he fights free. Antonio sends Tajiri to the opposite corner but TAJIRI HITS ANTONIO WITH A SUNSET FLIP AND PINS HIM @ 3:10! Heart Throbs are gone!

Simon Dean and Maven enter the match. Maven dumps Regal out of the ring and Dean pounds on Tajiri. Scoop slam by Dean and leg drop for a near fall. Tag to Maven and they double hip toss Tajiri. Push ups to taunt by Dean and Maven. Maven with straight right hands to Tajiri. Maven backs Tajiri into the corner and tags Dean. They isolate Tajiri in the corner. Snap mare by Dean followed by a head lock. Tajiri fights to his feet and Dean cheap shots Regal. Tajiri takes down Dean and tags Regal! Regal goes wild on both Dean and Maven. Suplex to Maven! One for Dean as well! REGAL WITH A KNEE TO THE HEAD OF DEAN AND THAT ELIMINATES THEM @ 5:51!

La Resistance joins the match now and they attack Regal at ringside while Tajiri is down. In the ring, La Resistance stomps both of the champs. "USA" chants from the crowd which is odd to me because none of the four men are from the United States. Tajiri is able to hit a hand spring elbow to take out both Conway and Grenier. Tajiri and Grenier are the legal men. More kicks by Tajiri followed by a spinning heel kick. Basement drop kick by Tajiri and he tags Regal. Double hip toss by the champs to Grenier and a kick to the back. Uppercuts by Regal for a near fall. Tajiri tags back in and delivers kicks. Snap mare and a leg drop by Tajiri for a near fall. Regal tags back in and Grenier hits him with a knee. Conway gets a tag and they beat on Regal in the corner. Near fall for Conway. Conway takes Regal back to the corner but he fights free. Knee strike by Regal and HE LOCKS CONWAY IN THE REGAL STRETCH!! Grenier breaks it up! TAJIRI COMES IN AND TARANTULA TO GRENIER!! Grenier escapes and stuns Tajiri across the top rope. REGAL KNOCKS GRENIER OFF THE APRON AND CONWAY ROLLS UP REGAL FROM BEHIND TO GET THE PIN @ 9:16!! We're guaranteed new champs!

The Hurricane and Rosey are last to enter the match. Rosey pulls Conway to the outside. Cross body off the top by Hurricane to Grenier gets a near fall! Back elbow by Hurricane followed by a block buster for another near fall! Hurricane tries a head scissors but Grenier tosses Hurricane over the top the he hits the ring post on his way down to the floor. Nasty landing there. Conway with an elbow drop from the apron onto Hurricane. Back in the ring, Grenier covers Hurricane for a near fall. La Resistance trades tags and Grenier with a clothesline for a near fall. Grenier with a rear choke and Hurricane fights to his feet. Grenier with a back suplex that appears to be botched. Near fall for Grenier. Scoop slam by Grenier and he goes to the second rope but misses an elbow. Rosey and Conway both get tags! Rosey takes it both Grenier and Conway. Big slam to Conway for a near fall. Grenier breaks it up. La Resistance tries to double team Rosey but no luck. Conway knocks down Hurricane. La Resistance with a double choke slam to Rosey!! 1...2...NO!! Rosey fights them off and slams Conway. Tag to Hurricane. HURRICANE WITH A SPLASH TO CONWAY OFF OF ROSEY'S SHOULDERS AND THAT DOES IT!!

W: The Hurricane & Rosey via last eliminated La Resistance via pin @ 13:43 (**1/2)

"Stronger" by Trust Company is the official theme song of Backlash.

Up next is the last man standing match and we get the video package for it.

Last Man Standing Match

Edge (2005 Money in the Bank) vs. Chris Benoit

The crowd is definitely behind Benoit! Benoit attacks immediately and tackles Edge! "You screwed Matt" chants directed at Edge! Benoit with knees to the face of Edge and then stomps Edge in the corner. Snap suplex by Benoit. Benoit lights up Edge with a chop and more strikes in the corner. Benoit with more chops. Benoit goes for an Irish whip into the opposite corner but Edge reverses and sends Benoit sternum first Bret Hart style. "We want Matt" chants from the crowd now while Edge puts the boots to Benoit. Edge chokes Benoit across the middle rope. Edge with a scoop slam and he sets up for a spear but drop toe hold by Benoit. Benoit hits aa clothesline and Earl Hebner begins counting. Benoit goes for the Crossface and Edge gets under the ropes. Knee strikes by Benoit but Edge finds his way back to his feet. Edge goes to the outside to get a trash can but Benoit with a baseball slide. Benoit goes for the can but Edge stops that. They trade blows and then Edge sends Benoit into the barricade. Edge charges but Benoit back drops him into the crowd. The action spills into the crowd now where Benoit is in control. They make it back to the ring where Benoit locks Edge in the Sharpshooter!! Edge taps but that doesn't matter. Benoit releases but then hits a German! Another one!! Make it a trifecta!! A 4th one!! A 5th one!! Edge rolls to the outside as both men are down! Benoit is up at the count of 4 and Edge is up at 8. Edge gets to the apron but Benoit knocks him back off the the floor with a clothesline. Edge is up at 8 again. BENOIT GOES FOR A SUICDE DIVE BUT EDGE HITS HIM IN THE HEAD WITH A TRASH CAN!! Damn!! The ref begins counting Benoit. Edge puts the trash can in the ring and hits Benoit with the lid again. Benoit is up at 6. Edge with a boot before putting Benoit back in the ring. Edge puts Benoit on the top turnbuckle and goes up with him. They trade blows and EDGE SUPERPLEXES BENOIT ONTO THE TRASH CAN!! The ref begins counting. Edge is up at & and Benoit at 8. Edge knees Benoit in the head and then wears him out with the trash can lid. Edge goes to the outside and GETS A LADDER!! He puts it in the ring and sets it up in the corner. Benoit fires back with chops. Edge stops that with a slam. Edge climbs up the ladder. Benoit gets up and grabs Edge on the ladder. RELEASE GERMAN OFF THE LADDER!! Holy shit! The ref counts. Benoit is up at 7 and Edge at 8. Benoit hits another German! Benoit looks at the ladder and begins to climb. BENOIT MISSES A DIVING HEAT BUTT OFF THE LADDER!! The count begins. Edge is up and grabs his briefcase. He swings it but BENOIT COUNTERS WITH THE CROSSFACE!! Edge taps again! Edge is fading. Benoit releases and the ref counts. Benoit gets up at 8. Edge is up also and Benoit pounds on his back and ANOTHER GERMAN! ANOTHER! Edge blocks a third and HITS AN IMPALER DDT ON THE BRIEFCASE!! Both men are down. Edge is up at 7 and Benoit at 9! EDGE HITS A SPEAR!! Edge is up at 5 and Benoit at 9 again! Edge is in shock! EDGE SPEARS BENOIT AGAIN!! Edge is up as he watches Benoit fight to his feet. Benoit is up! EDGE PULLS A BRICK OUT OF THE MONEY IN THE BANK BRIEFCASE AND HITS BENOIT IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD WITH IT!!! BENOIT IS OUT!!!

W: Edge via Benoit not answering the ten count @ 18:48 (***1/2)

Post match, referees help Benoit to his feet.

Backstage, Lita and Kane talk about Kane's match with Viscera. Lita wants Kane to take out Viscera and Trish Stratus. Lita talks about Viscera and Trish having sex and Kane would rather not think about it. Lita makes out with Kane which was pretty typical for her at this time.

Jerry "The King" Lawler is in the ring to promote the new Divas swimsuit magazine. Lawler introduces the Raw divas and Christy Hemme, Maria, Candice Michelle, Victoria, Stacy Keibler, and Lillian Garcia make there way to the ring. Lawler has some questions to ask. Lawler asks each lady her favorite photo. Now for Lawler's questions and CHRIS MASTERS INTERRUPTS!! Masters is a welcome interruption as he was nailing his masterpiece gimmick. Lawler and the ladies bail. The crowd greets him with heavy boos. Masters hypes how no one has broken the Master Lock. Tonight, Masters will offer $3,000 to anyone who can break it tonight. Who's it going to be?!? Masters picks a lady in the crowd wearing a Red Sox hat and she's ripped. Her name is Melissa Coates. Masters questions whether she is a he or she? Damn! He would never get away with that today. He tells her she puts the "man" in Manchester. She has a seat in the chair. MASTERS LOCKS HER IN THE MASTER LOCK AND RAG DOLLS HER!! SHE'S OUT!! Like I said, that would never happen today.

Viscera is backstage outside Trish Stratus' locker room. She comes out and is surprised to see him standing there. She asks if he's ready for his match with Kane. He's ready to destroy Kane for Trish. Viscera says it'll then be on like a steamy pot of neck bones. Haha ok then. Viscera says he's booked them a hotel for later tonight. Viscera holds up red lingerie that he wants Trish to wear later and she tells him to focus on the match because all she cares about is him destroying Kane. Trish starts to leave and Viscera slaps her ass.

Kane w/ Lita vs. Viscera w/ Trish Stratus (WWE Women's Champion)

Trash talk to begin. JR pretty much tells us that this is going to be bad. Viscera takes down Kane with a clothesline and then sends him into the corner. Viscera misses a splash but Kane hits one. Big boot by Kane sends Viscera to the outside. Kane goes to the top and comes off with a shoulder block to Viscera on the outside that takes the big man off his feet. "We want Matt" chants from the crowd directed at Lita. Back in the ring they go, elbow drop by Kane and another. Leg drop by Kane and he gets a near fall. Right hands by Kane but Viscera fights back. Kane comes off the ropes but Viscera hits a spinning heel kick. Nice kick for a man his size but I wouldn't call it nice for anyone else. Viscera makes a thrusting motion to Trish and she points to Kane for Viscera to stay focused. Viscera with chops followed by a scoop slam. Viscera misses an elbow drop and Kane is up now. Trish talks trash to Lita and Kane grabs Trish! Viscera splashes Kane in the corner and then hits a Samoan drop!! 1...2...NO!! Kane is back up and hits Viscera with right hands. Kane comes off the ropes and Viscera catches him with Boss Man Slam! 1...2...NO!! Right hands by Viscera followed by a head butt. Viscera sends Kane off the ropes but Viscera lowers his head and Kane hits him with a DDT! Kane goes up to the top and HITS A FLYING CLOTHESLINE! Goozle by Kane but Viscera fights free with elbows. Viscera clotheslines Kane out of the ring and follows him out. Viscera bounces Kane's face off the apron and then shoves Lita out of the way. Viscera charges but Kane moves and Viscera eats the ring post. Trish grabs a chair and goes to hit Kane but LITA USES HER CRUTCH TO HIT THE CHAIR INTO TRISH'S FACE!! TRISH IS OUT!! Viscera rolls in the ring and Kane goes to the top. Viscera catches Kane by the neck and HITS KANE WITH SIT OUT CHOKE SLAM!! 1...2...NO!! Viscera pulls Lita in the ring! He tries to kiss her but she escapes. Kane sits up! Big boot to Viscera. KANE HITS THE CHOKE SLAM AND IT'S OVER!! Not very good but I honestly expected worse.

W: Kane via pin @ 6:10 (*1/2)

Post match, Trish grabs a mic and calls Viscera pathetic. She tells him she asked for one thing and he couldn't get the job done. Trish says she'll find a real man that will take out Viscera. Trish says even if Viscera had beaten Kane, there was no way she was going to sleep with him. Viscera gets pissed and RAG DOLLS TRISH!! Viscera throws her to the mat and begins to leave. VISCERA COMES BACK AND SPLASHES TRISH!! Viscera leaves and Trish gets stretchered out.

Coming up next is the big tag match! We get the video package to hype Michaels/Hogan vs. Hassan/Daivari.

Muhammad Hassan & Daivari vs. Shawn Michaels & Hulk Hogan

The crowd pops huge for Hogan before his music even hits. The match takes forever to get underway as Hogan and Michaels play to the crowd. Hogan and Hassan are going to start it. Hogan draws an imaginary line the ring and challenges Hassan. They lock up and Hogan over powers Hassan by tossing him to the corner! Lock up again and Hogan takes control with a side head lock. Loud "Hogan" chants. Hogan takes down Hassan with a shoulder block and Hassan bails to his corner. He's back up and Hogan with a wrist lock to take down Hassan. Hassan grabs Hogan's hair and backs him into the Hassan/Daivari corner. Daivari tags in and they double team Hogan. They send Hogan off the ropes but he hits them both with a double clothesline. Hogan with right hands to Hassan and another clothesline. Michaels holds up hits boots and Hogan sends Hassan into them. Michaels tags in and pokes Hassan in the eye. Michaels and Hogan send Hassan off the ropes and hit him with a double big boot to the face! Michaels with chops to Hassan now. Hassan corners and Irish whip but then runs into a boot. More chops by Michaels followed by a scoop slam. Michaels misses an elbow drop which allows Hassan to tag Daivari. Daivari with right hands and chops to Michaels but then Michaels reverses and hits Daivari with chops in the corner. Michaels sends Daivari to the opposite corner and then back body drops him. Hogan gets a tag and kicks Daivari in the midsection and then Michaels/Hogan hit Daivari with a double elbow. Hogan sends Daivari to the outside and then sends him into the barricade and then the ring post. Hogan puts a Hogan hat on Daivari and then decks him with a right hand. Back in the ring, Hogan chokes Daivari! Scoop slam by Hogan followed by an elbow drop and two more! Michaels tags in and sends Daivari into the ropes but Daivari kicks Michaels in the face when he lowers his head. They trade chops with Michaels winning the exchange. Michaels hits Daivari with a flying forearm and kips up! Atomic drop to Daivari! Hassan is knocked off the apron. Michaels slams Daivari and climbs to the top turnbuckle. FLYING ELBOW CONNECTS!! Michaels tunes up the band!! Hassan gets on the apron but Hogan knocks him off! THE REF FORCES HOGANS BACK TO THE CORNER AND HASSAN HITS MICHAELS IN THE BACK WITH A LEAD PIPE!! Daivari covers! 1...2...NO!! Hogan pulls him off! Daivari pulls Michaels to the corner and Hassan gets the tag. Hassan takes control and sends Michaels hard into the corner. Hassan focuses on the back of Michaels! Daivari gets a tag and they double team Michaels. Michaels is sent to the corner again and Daivari chokes him. Snap mare by Daivari and he locks in a surfboard type submission. Michaels battles to his feet but gets taken down by his hair. Hassan gets a tag and continues to work on the back of Michaels. Rear choke by Hassan but Michaels fights to his feet and escapes. Michaels with a sleeper on Hassan. Hassan escapes and hits Michaels with a back breaker. HASSAN LOCKS MICHAELS IN THE CAMEL CLUTCH!! Hogan tries to pump up the crowd. Michaels tries to escape but Hassan sits back further. Michaels is fading. The ref checks on him but Michaels gets to his feet and gets Hassan in an electric chair. Michaels drops Hassan back first on the mat. Both men are down! Daivari gets a tag and SO DOES HOGAN!! The crowd goes nuts! Hogan with right hands to Daivari and Hassan! Hogan grabs them both and cracks their heads together!!They're both down! Hogan with a big boot to Daivari!! Hogan plays up the crowd and calls for the leg drop! HASSAN HITS HOGAN IN THE BACK WITH THE PIPE!! DAIVARI COVERS!! 1...2....NO!!! HOGAN HULKS UP!! Right hands by Daivari with NO EFFECT!! YOU!!!!! Right hands by Hogan. Off the ropes and BIG BOOT BY HOGAN!! HASSAN STOPS THE LEG DROP!! Hogan knocks Hassan with apron. MICHAELS HITS DAIVARI WITH SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!! HOGAN COVERS HIM FOR THE WIN!!! The match was solid but the crowd made it better than it should of been.

W: Shawn Michaels & Hulk Hogan via pin @ 15:14 (***)

Post match, Michaels and Hogan throw Hassan and Daivari out of the ring and pose for the crowd. They start to leave but come back for more posing. They take turns seeing who can get the crowd louder. They bring a fan into the ring who rips off his shirt and he has a huge Hulk Hogan tattoo on his back!! The King says it best, "I like the picture but I'm not too high on the canvas" haha. He gets in on the fun before they leave.

Todd Grisham is backstage with Triple H. Grisham asks Triple H how confident he is. Triple H says you'd be pretty confident if you knew you were walking out as champion. Triple H brings up how he Pedigreed Batista on Raw. Triple H says the Pedigree is the great equalizer and Batista had one great night at WrestleMania. Triple H says he'll have a great night tonight and walk out as World Heavyweight Champion for the eleventh time!

Christian and Tyson Tomko make their way to the ring. Christian grabs a mic and claims all week long all he's heard about is Backlash. He complains about not having a match on the show. Christian says this is the last time we might see him on a Raw pay-per-view (the draft was coming up later in the month). Christian says since he's a main eventer, he's taking the time to address his fellow main eventers in the form of a rap. He tells Manchester to put their hands together because the Captain is about to make it happen! "Here we go.....on Raw, you've got Batista with muscles to spare but he's got charisma like Tomko's got hair. You got Triple H and Ric Flair, there legend still grows. Twenty six titles between them and the world's biggest nose! Have you heard the word about JBL? You know the rich guy on Smackdown? Well I hear his taxes are still soaring but he's not wrestling God, just the God of boring. It seems to me I'm forgetting somebody. Who am I forgetting? Oh yeah, he's the guy who inspired this rap. The WWE Champion John Cena. I've got a little something for him. You wanna hear it? Well it goes a little something like this. Hey Cena! You think I'm jealous of your fortune and fame? Well you talk like Snoop Dogg but you look like Corey Haim. Tomko chimes in with "Dis". After the draft, whether it's Raw or Smackdown, JR or Michael Cole, I will be champion because that's who I roll".

Up next is the main event! We get the video package for it.

World Heavyweight Championship Match

Triple H w/ Ric Flair vs. Batista (champ)

It may be tough to follow Hogan and Michaels as far as the crowd goes. Ric Flair introduces HHH and calls him the greatest wrestler alive. Trash talk by HHH to start. Flair tries to grab Batista which allows HHH to take advantage. Right hands by HHH followed by a boot. He goes for the Pedigree but Batista escapes. Lock up again and Batista backs HHH into the corner. HHH turns it around. Batista blocks a right and puts HHH in the corner and delivers some rights of his own. Batista sends HHH into the ropes. Batista ducks his head and HHH goes for the Pedigree again. Batista blocks and tries a Batista Bomb but HHH escapes. Stand off. Lock up again with HHH backing Batista to the corner. Elbows by HHH followed by a right hand. Batista sends HHH to the opposite then corner and then hits him with a big back body drop. Rights by Batista now and HHH goes down. HHH stops that and goes for another Pedigree but Batista back drops him to the outside. Triple H takes him time on the floor and Batista goes out after him. HHH HITS BATISTA WITH SPINE BUSTER INTO THE BARRICADE!! HHH sends Batista back first into the barricade again. Batista goes over the barricade and HHH goes and breaks the count. HHH suplexes Batista from the crowd back to the ringside area. HHH breaks the count again and then puts Batista in the ring. Elbow drop to the back of Batista following by a knee to the back. HHH with a right hand but then he charges into an elbow from Batista. Batista with a boot and goes for the Batista Bomb but can't because his back is hurting. HHH takes him to the corner and delivers repeated shoulders to the back of Batista. HHH sends Batista hard into the opposite corner and Batista is down. Batista rolls to the outside and Flair rams him into the apron before lighting him up with chops!! Batista gets back in the ring and HHH hits him with right hands in the corner. Batista fights back and they exchange punches. Batista runs into a DOUBLE A SPINE BUSTER BY HHH!! 1...2...NO!! Another cover by HHH for a near fall. More punches by HHH in the corner and he whips Batista to the opposite corner. HHH charges into a clothesline by Batista! Rights by Batista now but HHH stops that with a knee to the gut. HHH charges again but Batista hits him with a side walk slam. Batista clotheslines HHH out of the ring! Batista follows him out there and sends HHH into the barricade and then hard into the steps! Batista bounces HHH's head off the steps and throws him back in the ring. Batista with shoulders to the gut in the corner and then a big power slam. Batista shakes the ropes. Flair gets on the apron and throws the championship belt in the ring. Flair gets in the ring and the ref is trying to get him out. BATISTA LIFTS HHH FOR THE BATISTA BOMB BUT HHH HITS HIM IN THE FACE WITH THE TITLE!!! 1...2...NO!! HHH can't believe it! Rights by Batista. HHH with one of his own and tries a Pedigree but Batista back drops him. Batista sends HHH off the ropes but he ducks his head and HHH kicks him in the face. Batista gets pissed and goes for a forearm but HHH ducks and BATISTA HITS THE REF WITH THE FOREARM!! HHH HITS BATISTA WITH THE PEDIGREE!!! THERE'S NO REF!! Flair puts the ref in the ring! He's out though! HHH has Batista beat. HHH picks up the ref and slaps him. Flair is shaking the ref haha. Here comes another ref. HHH goes for another Pedigree but BATISTA SPINE BUSTERS HIM!! 1...2...NO!! They both get to their feet and HHH hits the face buster! 1...2...NO!! HHH goes for another Pedigree but Batista whips HHH into the corner. Batista with a series of clotheslines. HHH PUNTS THE REF IN THE GROIN!! Batista goes for the Batista Bomb but here comes Flair! Batista knocks him down. HHH is up and goes for the Pedigree but Batista counters and sling shots HHH into the corner. Batista sets up a Batista Bomb but LOW BLOW BY HHH!! HHH takes Batista to the corner. HHH MOUNTS AND PUNCHES BATISTA!! BATISTA LIFTS HHH AND WALKS OUT OF THE CORNER!! BATISTA BOMB!!!!! THE REF CRAWLS TO COUNT!! 1...2....3!!! The right guy gets the win in my opinion but this isn't quite as good as their Mania match.

W: Batista via pin @ 16:27 (***1/4)

Post match, Batista celebrates before leaving. A pissed off Triple H gets up and shoves Ric Flair to the mat and then PEDIGREES THE REF!! Batista holds up the title on the ramp to end the show!

Overall Rating: 6/10

I'd say this was a little above average. Only one bad match and but nothing was great either. Benjamin and Jericho had nice match. Edge/Benoit was alright but I would of expected a better match from those two. Hogan and Michaels was a nice moment and is probably what this show is remembered for but I wouldn't call it a great match. The main event helped cement Batista but I prefer their WrestleMania 21 match.

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